Four puppy treats perfect for training from day dot

When we first got Frank, he was already 12 weeks old and was able to have most treats on the market, as guidelines usually suggest three, or sometimes four months old. But what to do when you’ve brought your new furry family member home at eight weeks old?

Well that’s exactly what happened for my brother, Karl, and his partner, Mel, when they brought home little German shepherd x Staffie puppy, Belle. Winston was rescued at the age of six, and so they’d never needed to check feeding guidelines beyond how much to feed, but when his little sister arrived it was a whole other story. It can be tricky to find treats for younger puppies, but if you want to start training from day dot, they’re a pretty integral part of new puppy ownership.

So following a dozen or so new-puppy-panic phone calls from Mel I’ve pulled together a list of some of our favourite puppy treats, as tried and tested by Belle. Some of them are suitable for puppies over four weeks, while others are from eight weeks when your little four-legged companion comes home.

Lily’s Kitchen Chicken and Salmon Nibbles Puppy Treats

Lily’s Kitchen Chicken and Salmon nibbles are suitable for puppies from eight weeks old, and it’s recommended pups have just five a day. We all know puppies are cute, but it’s important to not give them too many treats, and to really make them a reward.Made with 66% freshly prepared chicken and 20% freshly prepared salmon, alongside vegetable glycerin, potato and parsley,  they’re actually big enough to break into two to offer ‘extra’ treats.

The nibbles have been gently baked for a chewy, flexible texture, packed full of valuable protein for a delicious natural treat. They come in at £3, and are ‘without any added nasties or grain’, ideal for rewarding good behaviours.

Denzel’s Soft ‘n’ Squishy Puppy Bites

Denzel’s puppy bites are the soft ‘n’ squishy version of their much loved treats, which now come in six flavours, with an additional plant-based option.

The low calorie training treats are made from 100% natural ingredients, gently baked in the UK into tasty, bite-size treats. They’re made using chickpea flour, salmon, sweet potato, vegetable glycerine, peanut butter, linseed and salmon oil.

At Hounds, they’re priced at £3, but you can bag 10% off with our code SCAMPS at the checkout. There’s approximately 110 treats in each bag, making them great value for money. And you can always move them up to the ‘adult’ soft ‘n’ squishy bites at four months to maintain that continuity and offer them something they’re familiar with.

The sensitive recipe is naturally high in Omega-3s from added linseed, salmon and coconut oil, has been shown to improve retinal and brain development in young pups, so they’re perfect to use when asking pups to sit, stay and give paw.

JR Pure Salmon Sticks

JR’s Pure range, which includes coins, sticks, pate and training treats, is one of the very few products I’ve found to be suitable for puppies over four weeks old, meaning breeders can start training even earlier.

We’ve tried these in a whole host of flavours, and this week, we’ve got the salmon ones in. They’re made with 100% salmon and are a delicious, healthy treat for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Coincidentally, it’s the third treat in this list containing salmon, using ‘best cuts of human grade fish’ that’s been air dried.

Priced at £3.99, they’re a great source of single protein, perfect for dogs with allergies as it’s grain and gluten free, making them easier to digest.

Fish is a nutritious protein source for dogs as it’s naturally rich in essential fatty acids, packed full of Omega-3 and 6. Fish also helps promote a strong immune system, maintain your pooch’s healthy skin as well as being the ideal brain boosting training treat.

Green and Wilds Puppy Chew-Its

Phoebe and Frank love buffalo skin, and it’s one of the few treats that truly live up to their ‘long lasting’ claims. This product from Green and Wilds offers a smaller option that’s suitable for puppies over eight weeks old, but are also great for senior dogs, too.

An 80g bag costs £5.95, but they’re a high value reward that should be offered infrequently. Made from 100% buffalo, these treats have been air dried to keep in all the goodness, but are softer than other natural chews, which is why they’re so good for pups.

Puppies are chewers, so if you find they’re trying to gnaw the leg of the sofa, redirect their urge to chew with one of these tasty treats that help train them not to chew things they shouldn’t. Gluten and lactose free, they also help strengthen teeth and gums as your puppy grows.

Don’t forget to bag 10% off your order at Hounds with the code SCAMPS.