How to use Lily’s Kitchen’s Halloween recipe when trick or treaters knock this October

“Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble,” – as Halloween approaches, Lily’s Kitchen has been cooking up something spooky so our four-legged companions can get into the seasonal spirit. The pet retailer has launched a limited edition Halloween collection featuring two ghoulishly delightful offerings and it’s safe to say that there are no tricks here, only treats.

Firstly, we’ve seen the return of the hauntingly good Halloween Hocus Pocus Hotpot, a 400g wet food recipe that’s perfect for enjoying on October 31. The concoction contains 60 per cent meat, broken down into 50 per cent chicken and 10 per cent ham, with no meat meal or rendered meat, ensuring a high-quality protein source without unnecessary additives or poor-quality offcuts. 

Keeping things seasonal, the hotpot also stars freshly prepared sugar snap peas, spiniache, carrots and apples, alongside minerals and flaxseed oil to provide a well-rounded and balanced meal.

I do consider Lily’s Kitchen’s recipes to be on the higher end of the price scale at £3.70 per tin. Limited edition recipes used to be around £2.75, such as this 2020 Christmas recipe, and while I appreciate that the cost of ingredients is higher three years on, some may consider the increase to £3.70 per tin to be on the high side, particularly when there are more affordable alternatives from independent brands widely available.

That said, the quality of ingredients and how much Phoebe and Frank enjoy the recipe make it a worthwhile investment for what could be considered a premium dining experience. However, be money-savvy and keep an eye out for discount codes. We find the best way to do this is by signing up to the brand’s mailing list for exclusive deals. 

Additionally, if you consider the Lily’s Kitchen hotpot more of a tool than a meal, then the price seems more justifiable. For example, on Halloween you could fill a Kong toy, or similar, with the wet food and freeze it so that when trick or treaters start ringing the doorbell, you can make sure your dog is distracted and stimulated with a seasonal and healthy treat. Alternatively, it could be spread onto a Lickimat, where your pet’s licking action will naturally relieve stress and reduce anxiety, making it a great way to keep your dog calm.

Then there’s the Lily’s Kitchen Halloween Mini Burgers, perfect for canine visitors over the spooky season, or for helping teach your pooch some cool tricks to show off to friends and family. 

Made with proper meat, including 38 per cent turkey and 34 per cent chicken, they’re a great high-protein, high-value reward that will encourage your little devils to momentarily behave themselves. Maintaining an autumnal theme, the burgers also contain pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, ginger and apple to add flavour and interest. What’s more is that they can be easily broken into half or quarters, making them ideal for snacking or training (when one isn’t busy causing mischief and mayhem, that is).

The price of £3.50 per packet is reasonable and in line with other brands on the market, not to mention they’re one of the few who have put the effort into creating a fun Halloween-themed treat that your dog can enjoy. And if you fancy getting really creative – why not make some of these mini sliders for your pup this October?

Shop the spooktacular Lily’s Kitchen halloween range here.

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