The four Edgard and Cooper ‘bites’ flavours perfect for training

We tried every flavour of the Edgard and Cooper bites treats – and they were a real success with the Scamps.

The little pellet shaped treats are the perfect reward whilst training, coming in four meaty flavours. They are high in protein, grain free and slowly baked to preserve the ingredients.

The packaging is adorable, coming in blue, pink, orange and green, with illustrations of the dogs behind the brand – Edgard and Cooper – on the front. The bags are 100% biodegradable, and the brand also donate 10% of profits to the Dog Care Clinic in Sri Lanka.

The four flavours are:

  • Good Boy Beef Bites
  • Top Dog Duck and Chicken Bites
  • Champion Chicken Bites
  • First-class Lamb and Beef Bites
The Good Boy Beef Bites use ‘the best cuts of beef’, with nearly 85% of the products made up of meat, alongside mango and strawberry. We are real big fans of treats with a high meat content, rather than meat derivatives, and Edgard and Cooper are one we can trust to pick up and know they’re great quality.

The Top Dog Duck and Chicken Bites are 70% chicken and a further 14.8% duck, adding in pumpkin – which is great for digestion – and banana to make them super tasty. Phoebe and Frank go bananas for the last bite of a banana – Edgard and Cooper really know what ingredients will get tails wagging.

The Champion Chicken Bites – much like the beef bites – contain 84.4% chicken, which is a lean protein for your pooch. Because The Scamps are fed on chicken kibble, we know it agrees with them and is light on Phoebe’s sensitive tummy. This recipe also features blueberry (which Phoebe and Frank love on their breakfast) and apple – another healthy treat for your pet.

Finally, there are the First-class Lamb and Beef Bites, comprising of nearly 60% beef and 25% lamb, as well as pear and apple. For me, this recipe almost feels festive with the beef and pear. Phoebe and Frank, naturally, enjoyed all the flavours, but I think the Champion Chicken Bites were the real winner for us. We picked ours up at Hounds for £2.99 per pack, and you get a good amount of treats in the bags. We decant our treats into a tin, but it would be really helpful if these bags were resealable so that they would be handy to take out on walks.