About Lady & The Scamps

Hey – how you doin’? 

Yes, that was a F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference, and you’ll see why shortly.

I’m Beff, or otherwise referred to as ‘Lady’. To my dogs, I am treat lady, toy lady, cuddle lady and kibble lady.

I’m a 22-year-old blogger, journalist and dog-lover, and will be putting paws to paper on behalf of my two rescue dogs on this newly-launched blog.

About Lady & The Scamps

Lady & The Scamps is a dog blog dedicated to owners who want the absolute best for their four-legged best friends. The best food, the best walks, the best experiences, the best toys (that don’t get torn up in 10 minutes) and the best life.

On Lady & The Scamps you’ll find reviews of our favourite treats, the most durable toys, the exciting dog walks we stumble across, dog-friendly trips and days-out, as well as delving into the life of Phoebe and Frank. Yep, there’s your F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference.

Phoebe and Frank are our Scamps. Two gorgeous Staffordshire Bull Terrier crosses who are hoping to prove to you all just how awesome the breed is. They are both rescue dogs from the incredible Staffordshire charity Animal Lifeline, who help rehome hundreds of dogs in the county each year.

Phoebe and Frank’s story

Our first Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Lyla, passed away following a battle with cancer in summer 2017. I had never known a life without a dog in the family home, and she’d left a paw-shaped hole in my heart that desperately needed to be filled.

After a few weeks of coming home from university in the absence of pitter-patter paws on the wood floor to greet me, we began to look for rescues. We knew we wanted a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, seeing as Lyla had made such a lasting impression on us all.

Phoebe had come to Animal Lifeline as a puppy and rehomed with a couple, who returned her two years later. Mum and I went to meet her and fell in love. Kennel life didn’t agree with her and she’d lost a lot of weight, and we could see just how much she needed a home.

We collected her a week later and she’s been part of the family for three years.

Watching her grow into her paws and come out of her shell has been an honour. She’s a completely different dog to the one we brought home, and completely embraces her potential.

“Phoebe is top dog – the boss lady – and is sassy, sensitive, and stubborn.”

Six months after welcoming Phoebe into the family, Animal Lifeline got in touch with us. A search had been conducted on a drug den, and two dogs rescued – an american bull dog and a pregnant staffie.

“Frank is the biggest baby you’ll ever come across, and all he wants is cuddles and that biscuit you’re eating.”

Pebbles – Frank’s mum – gave birth to ten puppies in a foster home and we were asked if Phoebe might like a buddy. So in May 2018, we welcomed a three-month-old bundle of legs into the pack – and we still speak to his brothers and sisters now!

Frank grew to become a much bigger bull dog than we expected, and he’s got the heart to match.

Phoebe is top dog – the boss lady – and is sassy, sensitive, and stubborn. She’s a very independent dog – unlike Frank. Frank is the biggest baby you’ll ever come across, and all he wants is cuddles and that biscuit you’re eating.

Raising a puppy was a totally new experience for us, as we’ve always rescued dogs at around two years of age. We can’t wait to share our experiences with you.

Phoebe and Frank may not have had the perfect start to life, but are certainly learning how to live it. They are the best of buds and do everything together. You can follow their adventures over on their Instagram @LadyandTheScamps