The Beco hemp rope toy that’s lasted longer than a week

Rope toys are a sure fire winner with Phoebe. Frank will dabble in a game of tug-o-war, but for Phoebe, rope toys are at the top of her wish list. She’ll find the oldest, tattiest rope in the pantry and drag it out into the garden for hours of fun.

When we were on holiday, we picked up a Beco hemp rope toy from Slickers Doghouse, to keep the dogs entertained in the caravan. Beco are a brand we’ve had on our radar for a long time. In fact, Phoebe’s first toy was George the Giraffe from their recycled plastic range! We also love their collapsible bowl for travelling, and their stylish bamboo bowls.

Speaking of which, did you know that’s how the business all began – over a decade ago? Founder George visited China and realised he could make bowls from chopstick cut offs – how cool is that?!

The Beco hemp rope toy is made from tough hemp fibres that act as a natural toothbrush to clean your dogs teeth. It’s like floss – and I have had to assist Phoebe with removing a few pieces. But because of it’s natural material, you don’t need to worry too much if they ingest it (but always supervise and don’t encourage eating toys).

Hemp doesn’t need pesticides and doesn’t need a lot of space, nor water, to grow, making it a really sustainable material to make pet toys from. It returns 60-70% of its nutrients back into the soil, so it kinder to the planet than typical plastic toys.

The design is a simple chunky knot with a sturdy handle, perfect for tug-o-war or launching across a freedom field. I was really impressed with the durability of the knot, as many knotted rope toys end up unravelled in minutes at home, but the Beco ones still resemble a ball on a loop even after hours of thrashing.

After a week of every-day playing, one (Phoebe’s) is significantly more frayed than the other, but still completely useful as a tug toy. The large ropes were £6.99 each – so £13.98 for two, they’re great quality and the Scamps really loved them.

I’m once again impressed by Beco’s sustainable, durable products, and can’t wait to try out even more from their range in the coming months!