6 reasons to try Scrumbles Gnashers daily dental sticks

Scrumbles was born when Aneisha Soobroyen and Jack Walker were on a mission to solve their pets’ tummy troubles, creating a recipe suitable for their cat, Boo’s, sensitive tummy. The moggy was forever in the vets, which prompted the duo to take a deeper look into probiotics and gut health.

The couple quit their jobs to take Scrumbles full time, and soon after, their dog Smudge joined the business as chief taster for their canine creations, too.

Taking the brand to Dragon’s Den, they secured an offer from Deborah Meaden – who helped fund Billy + Margot iced treats – but politely declined her proposal, hoping to grow their business alone – which they’ve successfully done.

As a brand, they are dedicated to building natural, wholesome recipes that promote good gut health, without costing the earth. Phoebe and Frank tried their Gnashers dog dental sticks, (well, bones) which are formulated with ingredients that are clinically proven to reduce tartar build up by 80% alongside brushing.

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I sit here with the empty packet beside me, which tells me that they’ve more than enjoyed these daily treats – but here are six reasons (besides being yummy) why your dog should give them a go.


Many soft, chewy dental sticks actually leave a coat on the teeth, so Scrumbles opted for a gently baked bone that packs a crunch to naturally scrape plaque away.

Eco friendly

Each packet of biscuits is baked in carbon-neutral eco ovens to help minimise your pet’s carbon footprint.

Low calorie

Each serving of these dental sticks is around seven calories, meaning they’re easy on the waistline – ideal for dogs who need to lose a few pounds, or have conditions which require them to watch their weight, like pancreatitis.

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Scrumbles said: “Mindful of our environmental footprint, a supplementary dog treat doesn’t need to have meat in it, which is why this is a vegan dog treat.”

What makes these treats so tasty is the sweet potato, pumpkin seeds, parsley, spinach and Scrumbles’ hero ingredient, Slippery Elm to help soothe tummies and support digestive health.


The Gnashers Dental Sticks packaging is made from FSC paper and vegetal starch, meaning it’s 100% compostable and can be thrown in with your garden waste.

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Free from

Having dealt with their fair share of sensitive stomachs, Scrumbles’ dental sticks are free from gluten, soy and dairy, and are also free from added sugars, salts and preservatives.

Scrumbles recommend these dog dental sticks for dogs over 12 weeks old, and suggest feeding one bone per day for best results.