Doo-Kee: the £5 tool which means you never have to carry a poo bag again

The Doo-Kee is an ingenious tool which means you’ll never have to carry a dog poo bag in your hands again!

No-one wants to carry the soiled dog poo bag, but as responsible owners, we always bag it – but then spend the whole walk with eyes peeled for a waste bin. When you have two dogs, that’s a dog leash and a poo bag in each hand, which means you’ve got no chance of getting treats out of your pocket to reward good behaviour during training.

The Doo-Kee is an unassuming little keyring sized tool which clips easily to a leash, or backpack – it actually looks a lot like a bottle opener! It’s made from PLA, which is a bioplastic derived from renewable resources such as corn starch and sugar cane. Made in Somerset, the Doo-Kee comes in a whole rainbow of colours, and allows you to carry your dog poop hands free, as well as keeping a low carbon pawprint.

We ordered the Wild Lilac Doo-Kee, which comes with a standard clip like a carabiner – there are larger and more flexible clips available to buy separately. To use the tool, scoop your dogs poop into a bag as usual, knot it and slot it onto the Doo-Kee! You just place the knot of the bag through the wider hole at the top of the keyring, and it’ll stay put until you’re able to dispose of it in a waste bin!

We use a double Sotnos leash which can be adjusted using the various metal rings, so we attached the Doo-Kee to one of the rings on Phoebe’s lead. We find that the lower you knot the bag, the less it hangs and swings from the Doo-Kee. You can fit more than one bag onto the keyring – which costs £4.99 – so if you have multiple dogs, you only need the one tool.

The Doo-Kee is a super convenient little tool which is under a fiver. It’s great for multi-dog households in particular, to keep hands free. It also prevents people from putting their poo bags down with the intention of ‘getting it on the way back’ and forgetting, you don’t spend your whole walk bin hunting – you can simply knot it and slot it, and enjoy your walk.