Frozen Furr Boost bones to help hydrate your dog this summer

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With the weather set to hot up this month, it’s important to make sure your dogs are staying hydrated in the heat. Did you know that in summer, dogs need three to four times their usual water intake to prevent dehydration? And it can be difficult to gage if you’ve not caught them drinking from the bowl. When you have two dogs, even if you’re refilling the bowl you may not be sure which dog did the drinking – unless it was Frank, who leaves a swimming pool in the kitchen whenever he has a drink.

As a quick way to help Phoebe and Frank stay hydrated, I’ve been using the new Furr Boost wellbeing drink – and have found an ingenious way to use it!

The junk-free drink comes in an adorably nostalgic carton that looks just like little 90s milk cartons, and there are three meaty flavours to choose from, including:

  • Beef, broccoli and blueberry
  • Chicken, butternut squash and cranberry
  • Pork, sweet potato and apple.

For dogs of Phoebe and Frank’s weight, it’s recommended they drink a carton a day in summer. Not only does the product help rehydrate your pooch, it’s also packed with superfoods, vitamins, salmon oils, flaxseed and coconut. The junk-free drink can also aid a range of concerns including anxiety, digestion, immunity, hydration, and can help to support a healthy metabolism and skin and coat – making it a great all-round wellbeing booster.

Whilst the Furr Boost can be poured over meals, we thought it would be a great idea to freeze them into treats, making them even more appealing to the dogs. They’re usually fed whilst the weather is still relatively mild, so feeding the treats throughout the day when it’s hotter would not only help with hydration, but cool them down too.

We poured one carton on the Furr Boost into a silicon bone mould and popped them in the freezer overnight ready for the following day. The cartons are Tetra Pak, so are really easy to recycle too!

After playing in the garden during my lunch break, we went at got some of the frozen Furr Boost bones from the freezer, and the Scamps absolutely loved them, sniffing around for another!

Founder of the innovative hydration product, Louise Toal, also has a dog called Phoebe! And to raise awareness of doggy dehydration, she’s shared her top tips for ensuring pets are getting the correct water intake in hot weather:

  1. Provide more water bowls around the house
  2. Tempt them with tasty treats (like Furr Boost)
  3. Get creative – like our icy bones! You could even freeze Furr Boost onto a Lickimat for some mental stimulation too.
  4. Carry drinks on the go – when out on your walk, make sure you’re carrying water, or a Furr Boost with you!

Furr Boost is available to buy online in multipacks which contain eight 200ml cartons of each flavour for £15.75. Or, you can try the introduction taster pack which includes one 200ml carton of each flavour for £5.99 to see if your dog likes them.