Lily’s Kitchen Chew Sticks – flavours, prices, and how long they last

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Lily’s Kitchen have launched the brand new Chew Sticks designed to keep your dog occupied and distract them from chewing things they shouldn’t. Boy, do we wish we had these when Frank went through his teenage phase of chewing the sofa.

But puppies welcomed into the family during the pandemic are likely to be hitting that age now, so these Lily’s Kitchen Chew Sticks couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

The grain free, natural treats – which launched in June – come in five meaty flavours, with three sticks in every £2.50 pack.

  • Beef – made with freshly prepared beef, potato, coconut and turmeric
  • Chicken – featuring fresh chicken, peanut butter, banana and mango. Fruity and meaty!
  • Lamb – made using freshly prepared lamb, apples, peas and mint
  • Turkey – including freshly prepared turkey, honey, sweet potato and broccoli.
  • Salmon – made with delicious salmon, sweet potato, spinach and dill. Fishy fine dining!

How long do the Lily’s Kitchen Chew Sticks last?

Whilst not a traditional dental chew like the Lily’s Kitchen Woofbrush, I decided to time to see how long these chews would entertain enthusiastic chewers, Phoebe and Frank.

We opted for a turkey chew, which has adopted the same tube like design as the Woofbrush and has a very meaty smell, so there was no wonder The Scamps were jumping all over me the moment I walked into the room with them.

I got my stopwatch at the ready before handing over the chews, which Frank made incredibly light work of in a matter of 25.32 seconds, whilst Phoebe took a little longer at 47.67 seconds. She does that typical older sibling trick where they make their snacks last longer to make the youngest sibling jealous – and it works, because Frank was begging for a second one!

It’s not a great deal of time for their size, but it would last a small dog – or one that’s not a complete gannet – longer. It is a great way to keep the dogs busy in their beds long enough to welcome in a visitor without the Scamps greeting them rudely, or even to keep them out of the kitchen whilst you’re dishing tea up.

These Lily’s Kitchen Chew Sticks can be given to dogs over six months old daily, but be sure to always supervise your pet with food and treats!

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