Luxury Dog Hampers – the Fortnum and Mason of the canine world

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I work hard so my dogs can live a life of luxury – and that includes spoiling them for birthdays, Christmas and throughout the year.

This February 23, Frank turns four years old – where’s that time gone? I think when you have rescue dogs there’s an innate feeling to need to spoil them to make up for the time they spent waiting for you, or in Frank’s case, making up for the life he could have been dealt had there not been an intervention.

And during the pandemic, I’ve spent more and more time with Phoebe and Frank, not taking a moment for granted. And I know I’m not the only pet parent that feels that way – and Karen at Luxury Dog Hampers is one of those dog mums devoted to giving her dogs, Arthur and Bertie, the best life. So much so that she built a business during the first national lockdown which has since been dubbed the ‘Fortnum and Mason’ of the dog world.

Karen was previously a professional dog walker, and would take her senior dog Bailey along for the ride with her – but when he developed arthritis, the dog devotee began to look at ways she could stay home with him, but still run a pet-centric and joy-bringing business.

She said: “Bailey was losing his hearing which made him nervous, and he didn’t do well with being left alone for hours at a time. I wanted to be his side for this next chapter of our lives together, and so I set to thinking about what I could do to allow us to continue to bring joy to dogs and their owners while being together.

“I was sitting with Bailey watching a programme about Fortnum and Masons Hampers, and it struck me. What if we could gift our dogs and our dog loving friends luxury dog hampers – full of the best of the best dog products that would deliver a moment of pure indulgent joy.”

Luxury Dog Hampers launched one week into lockdown one in 2020, offering dog owners exciting and thoughtful gift hampers for their pets, inclusive of a gorgeous and reusable wicker picnic basket (a gift in itself!)

I’m a hamper gifter by nature – I’d rather gather lots of small and medium gifts and display them beautifully for birthdays and Christmas than opt for one big present. As a gifter, I love waiting to see their reaction and which item is their favourite, and like Karen, I adore exceeding expectations, and seeing the unforgettable look of delight and gratitude when someone receives a wonderful surprise.

And as a recipient, I’m thrilled with receiving lots of little gifts and taking the time to appreciate them one by one, wondering what to use first.

Sadly, Bailey passed away just months after the brand launched, in April 2020. However, Karen is now the devoted owner to border collie Bertie, and Newfoundland Arthur.

Karen said: “They are chief connoisseurs of all the lovely goodies that make it into our luxury dog hampers. They take their roles very seriously indeed and are accustomed to the finer things in life.

“People often comment that my dogs are treated like royal children. I guess they are just a little bit spoiled. Only healthy, high-quality, natural dog treats shall pass their royal lips.”

To celebrate Frank’s fourth birthday, Karen very kindly sent him one of the gorgeous ‘ultimate indulgence’ Luxury Dog Hampers, which are priced at £69.

The ‘little luxuries’ hampers are the cheapest, starting at £41, going up to the ‘billionaire collection hamper’ for verrrry pampered pups at £127, containing a whopping 22 bags of treats from various healthy, independent bands in a whole menu of flavours.

Karen puts so much effort into seeing out the brands for her luxury hampers, taking a ‘nothing but the best’ approach. She said: “I love hearing from devoted pet parents discovering dog brands that they’ve not tried before. It feels like we’re sharing a very special secret of the best dog products that are paws apart from the ordinary.

“We’ve teamed up with some of the top suppliers for high quality, natural dog treats and gifts to create unique gifts for the pampered pooch who has everything.”

Here’s what was in Frank’s Luxury Dog Hamper

Natures Menu

The Natures Menu Country Hunter Superfood Bars are a delicious air dried treat made with chicken and a natural mix of coconut and chia seeds. Suitable for puppies over four months, they’re a great healthy snack enriched with fruits, vegetables and superfoods.

Packed with protein, they’re made with human grade meat, with no artificial colours or preservatives either.


Long-term readers will know how much we love Soopa and their vegan treats, and Karen has included a some of our favourite chews – and a pack of their treats we’ve never tried before.

Their dental sticks are a firm favourite with the Scamps, and there was a pack of their carrot and pumpkin ones included in the hamper. Soopa Dental Sticks are hypoallergenic, grain free and plant powered, made using natural human grade ingredients they help keep teeth clean and improve doggie breath. In terms of ingredients, pumpkin seeds are known as ‘Power Seeds’ as they are excellent for skin, coat, soothing digestion and may even help protect your dog against intestinal parasites and worms!

Also in the gift box was Soopa’s Sweet Potato Dog Treats, which usually cost £4.99. They’re made with nothing but 100% sweet potato, so are one of the most natural chews on the market. We’d never tried these before, but Phoebe and Frank were excited to give the chewy, veggie treat a go.

Naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, they are high in carotenoids which help strengthen eyesight and aid immunity to disease. One of nature’s superfoods, sweet potato helps to regulate the digestive tract and help dogs with sensitive stomachs too.

Suitable for dogs over six months, these Soopa products are also good for dogs who are obese, have kidney or liver disease, allergies, pancreatitis or low immunity.

JR Pet Products

JR Pet Products’ ‘pure’ range is suitable from puppies over four weeks old, so we’ve been recommending them to all our first-time puppy owner friends for years.

Their pure meat sticks are 100% meat, and come in a wide range of flavours, including kangaroo and ostrich. In our hamper, there was a grain and gluten free salmon pack, made with nothing but the best cuts of human grade salmon. They’re suitable for all breeds, as well as raw or kibble fed dogs, and are a responsibly sourced, single protein, making them easier to digest.

We like to feed these as a chew as a reward, or break them up for smaller training treats as they’re high value.

Fish is a nutritious protein source for dogs, as it’s naturally rich in essential fatty acids, and packed full of Omega 3 and 6. As well as the salmon sticks, we also received the salmon pure paté – a 100% natural dog food that can be fed as a complete meal, or as a topper. It’s such a versatile product that can be sliced, diced, cubed, cut, stuffed, spread or sprinkle – and dogs find it totally irresistible.

As well as 200g of salmon paté, Karen also sent three 80g beef patés. Deliciously tasty and natural, it’s such a healthy and meaty treat that’s easy to digest and is naturally low in fat, too.

Sea Treats

Fishcake Bites with Cheese and Tomato – sounds like something you might order in a restaurant right? These 100% natural treats are grain-free and hypo-allergenic, and super crunchy, which Phoebe and Frank love.

They’re a source of immediate and slow release energy, perfect for training rewards, as well as a source of Omega 3 oils – important for keeping your dogs skin, coat, eyes and heart in top condition.

The Scamps love anything fishy, and can hear a cheese wrapper open from a mile away, so these are a proper indulgence for them, which sees them try all their best tricks to get one faster

House of Paws

This is not our first House of Paws rope ball! These adorable little toys are tougher than they look, and Phoebe and Frank can play with it a fair amount before it needs replacing.

They cost £7.99, and feature a rope ball centre with tags that crinkle – great for a little game of tug-o-war or fetch. I love that the Luxury Dog Hampers try and get a little bit of everything into their gift boxes, and everything is so useable and feels really personal.

Sniffe and Likkit

Last but not least there was a Sniffe and Likkit Scent Somethin’ Nice room sachet included for owners to use to freshen up their home or even their car.

These beautifully crafted scented hanging sachets have been infused with a wonderful woodland aroma, inspired by a walk in the woods, and can hand pretty much anywhere to help waft away the whiff of dogs.

Karen’s Luxury Dog Hampers are such a special gift to give or receive as dog owners. Every single product has been so thoughtfully and carefully selected, approved by Arthur and Bertie, meaning only the best products reach your doorstep. They’re very fairly priced, and perfect for special occasions like birthdays, or even to welcome a new dog or puppy into the family.

Not only that, but the hampers themselves can be reused, and make a really stylish addition to any room of the house. Phoebe and Frank loved exploring some of their favourite, and new brands, rifling through the box to sniff out the best ones. Rummaging through all the goodies was such an exciting experience and I hope Karen truly understands just how much joy her independent business brings fellow pet owners. You can treat your own pup to one here.