My Darling Ruby stylish neckerchiefs for dogs

My Darling Ruby is a brand inspired by a little dachshund cross who acted as her human’s shadow in her newborn props making workshop. In her spare time, Carli would find herself making little accessories for Ruby from spare fabric, and alas, the pet accessory brand was born.

After launching in April 2019, My Darling Ruby create a range of signature neckerchiefs in an array of patterns and colours, as well as snoods, necklace accessories and matching human scrunchies and hair bows.

Their Instagram account features mostly small breeds styling their products, but I was pleased to see you could customise the length of the neckerchiefs at the checkout, to fit any dog. It can be really difficult to find beautiful accessories for bull breeds and other dogs their size, so it was great to be given the option to add Phoebe’s collar size to the order.

For Phoebe’s sixth birthday, I bought her three neckerchiefs, and added two scrunchies to the order for me to match with her. As Phoebe is brindle and white, I find pops of colour work best with her fur, and it was great to be able to filter the neckerchiefs by colour or pattern on the My Darling Ruby website. I picked out a Lilac Ribbed Neckerchief, You Are My Sunshine Neckerchief and their Pumpkin Spice Neckerchief.

The lilac ribbed is a gorgeous texture, and looked lovely with her mulberry collar. I absolutely fell in love with the patterns in the pumpkin spice and you are my sunshine materials though. The pumpkin spice fabric is a deep muted pink colour, with gorgeous golden sunburst flecks on the fabric, which I thought would be perfect for autumn. The you are my sunshine neckerchief features little gold polka dots on a mustard fabric, ideal for summer. Phoebe also has a mustard Harris Tweed collar, which it will pair wonderfully with.

The neckerchiefs come in at £6 each, and I love that it’s a flat rate. With many brands, the bigger the size, the higher the price, which I find a little discriminating, so it was brilliant to see that My Darling Ruby were more inclusive with their pricing.

I added a couple of matching scrunchies to my order, too – one You Are My Sunshine and one Pumpkin Spice, just because I was obsessed with the fabric. These were £4 each, or I could have opted for the cheaper hair bow option, for £2.

Our order came in a letterbox sized box, and was beautifully wrapped. The neckerchiefs were even tied around a cardboard strip to keep them looking lovely.

There are a couple of ways the neckerchiefs can be worn. Firstly, they can be worn over the top of a collar, or, thread your dog’s ID tag onto the neckerchief to wear instead of a collar around the house. On the My Darling Ruby Instagram highlights, there is a video tutorial to show you how to tie the perfect bow so it sits straight on the neckline, which is a look I adore. But you could also tie it so that both ends hang down, which is equally as adorable.

I can double know Phoebe’s for a longer tie, or do three for a daintier bow. But as a bigger dog, I find the longer ends look best. I absolutely adore the look of the neckerchiefs, and they’re really well priced. We’ll definitely be ordering again, both for Phoebe and gifts for friend’s pets. I love that we can match our accessories, and we will soon have our own little matching wardrobe, I’m sure!