Pig snouts for dogs – puffed and porky!

Pig snouts are one of Phoebe and Frank’s favourite treats – no matter how freaky looking they seem to us humans.

Typically, I would buy a few of the puffed pig snouts from Hounds for £1 each, and they would be enjoyed by The Scamps on a Saturday afternoon as a treat. Now, Anya has introduced a new pig snout product to the pick and mix table – the porky pig snout – which is slightly smaller and crunchier than the puffed alternative.

Pig snouts are a completely natural 100% pork treat, and your dog will go mad for them. They’ll be happy as a pig in muck – pardon the pun.

They contain a high level of protein, and are low in fat, and contain natural oils which encourage healthy skin and coat. They smell less than other pork based treats, and still last long enough to help with dental care. They’re also rich in iron, which is another brilliant health benefit.

In terms of feeding guidelines, an online article recommended feeding up to four snouts per week to small breeds, and up to two a day for larger dogs. Frankly, if I gave Phoebe and Frank two pig snouts a day, it would probably upset their stomach. Whilst a dog on a raw diet might incorporate products like pig snouts into meals, owners can use their common sense and judgement to work out how often to feed these treats to your dog. As mentioned above, Phoebe and Frank would usually have a pig snout as a weekend treat.

The puffed pig snouts look pretty funny – almost like a rice cake – and feel a little like polystyrene. They’re lightly baked to ‘puff-ection’ and contain no additives or preservatives, and are both grain and gluten free.

The porky pig snouts are also baked, but at a higher temperature so that they become crisp. Also grain and gluten free, they’re suitable for puppies over 12 weeks and can really help with gum health when chewing.