Pooch and Mutt’s new beef burger jerky is the ultimate BBQ snack for dogs

It’s officially BBQ season and Phoebe and Frank have spent 50 per cent of their time sniffing around our barbecue for dropped sausages, and the other 50 per cent under the table begging for burgers.

Barbecue food can be potentially harmful or even toxic to dogs, including bones and fatty meats, which could cause obstruction or health problems, as well as seasonings and sauces, many of which contain ingredients that are poisonous to dogs, like garlic or onion.

If you’re planning to include your dog in your barbecue festivities, it’s best to provide them with their own dog-friendly treats and avoid sharing human food. 

Luckily, Pooch and Mutt have come out with a smokin’ new high value release that will have pups completely forgetting about the kebabs and hot dogs on the grill.

Made up of 90 per cent Baltic Beef with a smokey BBQ scent, the brand’s limited edition Smokin BBQ Burgers Beef Jerky are grain free, hypoallergenic and suitable for puppies over the age of eight weeks for the ultimate meaty reward.

Shaped like patties with beef from grass-fed cows and infused with a rich flame-grilled flavour, they sound more like an advert for a gourmet food chain than a dog treat, containing all natural ingredients and  a whopping 30 per cent protein.

Lean-beef is an excellent protein source for dogs, filled with vitamins and minerals such as Selenium and Zinc that are known to strengthen immune function and support a healthy skin & coat, while Vitamins B12, B3 and B6 found in the cuts support your dog’s blood production, DNA repair and the overall healthy functioning of the nervous system.

Other ingredients added to make a well formed nutritional product, include glycerine to bind ingredients together, lignocellulose – a natural plant-made dietary fibre – and a tiny amount of salt which is important for maintaining fluid balance, acid-base balance and nerve signal transmission, say Pooch and Mutt.

Phoebe and Frank have been going mad for these jerky treats – I think it’s the meaty smell that drives them wild, while the burger flavour keeps them coming back for more. Pooch and Mutt added: “Our fur babies regard jerky as the elite of treats, and our jerky treats have been tried and approved by 100s of happy hounds. 

Jerky replicates a dog’s natural wild diet and therefore is high in protein, which makes for an extra special high value treat.

High value treats such as jerky should be an exciting treat (not fed on a regular basis) for good behaviour or just to show your pooch how much you love them, so they’re are excited to receive it each time.”

A pack of these treats cost £3.99, and there are around 15 burgers in each bag – an average of 26p per treat. They can be easily broken or cut into halves or even quarters if you have a small dog to make them go further, taking the cost per treat down to around 7p.

Pooch and Mutt’s Smokin’ BBQ Burger Beef Jerkys offer a winning combination of superior taste and nutritional value. With their high protein content, grain-free formulation, and carefully selected natural ingredients, these limited edition treats are a great way to reward your dog at your next family barbecue. 

Friends and family will often have a tendency to feed scraps under the table, but instead, owners can allow guests to feed these burger bites – in return for their best tricks, of course.

They look, feel and, according to The Scamps, taste like burgers and I can guarantee your dog can’t wait to get their chops around one.

You can shop the Pooch and Mutt Smokin BBQ Burgers Beef Jerky here.

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