Gourmet beef and chicken sliders for dogs

Imagine it’s a sunny, summer Sunday – the family are round and you’ve lit the coals on the barbecue. 

Whilst you’re sizzling those sausages and browning the burgers, you’ve politely asked your guests to not feed scraps to the dogs. They’ve got their own treat!

I was inspired to create these miniature beef and chicken sliders for dogs after picking up a packet of the Lily’s Kitchen ‘best ever beef mini burgers’. 

To create the beef and chicken sliders you will need:

  • One wholemeal bun
  • Lily’s Kitchen ‘best ever beef mini burgers’
  • Lily’s Kitchen ‘chomp-away chicken bites’
  • One lettuce leaf
  • One cherry tomato
  • One slice of cheddar cheese

I used a measuring jigger (for cocktails) and pressed it into my wholemeal bun to create two perfectly sized, round buns before slicing them in half.

Then I roughly tore some lettuce, layering it onto the bun. Lettuce can be used as a low calorie treat for chunkier puppers – but much like humans, they’ll probably turn their nose up at it. It’s best fed in small quantities or can cause an upset tummy – like too much of anything.

I took two slices of a ripe cherry tomato and added one slice to each burger. Unripened tomatoes are toxic to dogs, so make sure that it’s red before feeding them to your pet. Ripe tomatoes are a source of fibre and can aid healthy digestion.

I stacked on the Lily’s Kitchen beef burger, followed by a chomp-away chicken bite – both of which Phoebe and Frank were drooling over.

The beef burgers are made up of 80% real beef and include kale and chia seeds, too. They’re just over an inch wide, so the perfect bite sized treat for my big-breed dogs Phoebe and Frank.

The chicken bites are slightly smaller, making them great for stacking. These are 80% chicken, and include ginger and quinoa.

I would ordinarily use the Lily’s Kitchen treats as a high value reward once a day. It’s used more as a special treat, sticking to smaller training treats throughout the day. 

Before adding the top of the bun, I sliced a small amount of cheese and cut it into a square, placing it on top of the chicken.

Phoebe and Frank love cheese, and will try to have their head in the cheese box very time I open the fridge. They wait patiently by my feet when making oatcakes, longing for me to drop some on the floor. It’s a great high-value treat as well as a source of calcium and essential fatty acids.

Et Voila – gourmet beef and chicken sliders for dogs. They might stop sniffing around the barbecue after these (but probably not).

You can read more about Lily’s Kitchen here, we love their wet food!

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