Scruffs £125 luxury pet bed from Dawgz Life is like ‘sleeping on clouds’

One thing I didn’t realise when we got a second dog was how blooming difficult it would be to find a bed that would fit them both in. Phoebe loves to cuddle up with Frank – which is ironic as she wouldn’t let him put a paw near her pillow as a puppy, and now, he is the pillow.

The hunt for a good quality, XL dog bed was a long and challenging one, but we’ve finally found a place for the Scamps to lay their collar, so to speak.

Dogs spend even more time in the house than we do, generally speaking, and much like we enjoy our sofa and fresh bedding, dogs love nothing more than lounging in a plush and snuggly bed. 

Dawgz Life is a brand that believes that our dogs deserve the same creature comforts that we do, and offer premium dog beds and dog mattresses for dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes to ensure they get their 40 winks. 

The brand said: “From the large and lovable to the small and sassy, all dogs deserve a safe place to rest their heads. We’re dog bed makers that always put our furry friends first. From puppyhood to old age, our dog beds always provide a comfortable place to rest after a day full of play.”

Dedicated to adding luxury and relaxation to your ‘Dawgz Life’, the brand joined Instagram, in April, and their Kensington bed has already been named as one of the top 15 dog beds of 2022 in The Independent.

We got our paws on the Scruffs Kensington Box Dog Bed ourselves, and the XL sleeper is perfect for Phoebe and Frank to cosy up in. Priced at £124.99, the orthopaedic bed provides the ultimate support for bigger dogs, or those with joint issues.

While my parent’s only request is that the dog bed matches the living room colour palette – Phoebe and Frank do have some requirements of their own. 

Firstly, they seem to prefer square shaped beds over rounded ones because these are prime for stretching out in. But secondly, they enjoy resting their heads on padded sides, so these were also a must for comfort, but also for digging snoots into cosy corners. 

Dawgz Life added:  “We believe in luxury and relaxation for all walks of life. From orthopaedic memory foam mattresses to calming doughnut beds, our range offers supportive sleeping solutions for big breeds to small snouts.

“Orthopaedic dog beds are ideal for older dogs and larger breeds that need more support for their joints, back, or body. Most orthopaedic dog mattresses are made from comfy, supportive materials like memory foam. This helps the bed from flattening out like a pancake! But don’t picture a sterile hospital bed – orthopaedic pet beds are available in a wide range of modern styles and materials to match your aesthetic.”

The Kensington bed comes in grey, cream, navy and chocolate – and Phoebe and Frank received a cream bed. It’s a stunning design and looks very premium, with plush and plumped sides and a velvety smooth finish. Quite frankly I could have crawled in there myself and had the best nights’ kip I’d had in yonks. 

The bed features a stylish eco-suede outer fabric, with matching outer stitching that achieves a coherent finish and attention to detail.

Meanwhile the deep-filled 100% polyester centre feels like you’re sitting on a cloud. I could only dream of my bed being this comfortable. The cushion is also reversible, meaning you can have it smooth and cream, or with a fluffy white finish for two different looks. Phoebe and Frank, as expected, preferred the fluffy side. 

The deep side walls and high-sided rear of the bed are the ideal height for resting weary heads after a hard day of being a pampered pup, resting tired legs from playing, walkies and zoomies. 

What’s more is that the bed is machine washable, and you can remove the outer cover to wash the bed at 30 degrees. Dawgz Life added: “Your dog’s bed should be washed at least every two weeks, or weekly if you can. 

Dogs spend 12-14 hours a day asleep and another 3-4 hours just chilling in bed. Unlike us, they don’t shower daily, put clean socks (or pants) on each morning, wear wellies for walkies, or anti-bac after a dig in the garden. It’s no wonder those beds get so stinky! 

“Washing your dog’s bed isn’t just about protecting your nose from odour-de-dawg, it’s a non-negotiable in caring for your hound’s health.”