Some Grub’s insect-powered eco-friendly dog treats you need to try

Pet owners are becoming increasingly conscious of the environmental impact and nutritional quality of the food they provide for their canine companions. This growing awareness has led many to explore innovative alternatives to traditional pet food, with curiosity rising for insect-based offerings.

And one of the brands exploring this and bringing it to life is none other than Some Grub, who have been harnessing the potential of insect protein to create delicious, nutritious, and eco-friendly dog treats. 

Founded by eco-conscious enthusiasts Ollie and Ben, the brand utilises the power of insect protein to create treats that are not only good for our furry friends but also kind to the planet.

Insect protein is not only highly nutritious but also significantly more sustainable than conventional meat sources, requiring fewer resources and producing fewer emissions. Some Grub, which officially launched in 2024, say their protein uses 96 per cent less Co2, 98 per cent less land and 99 per cent less water compared to beef. It also produces fewer greenhouse gases, and raises fewer ethical issues than livestock farming.

Many common pet allergies are related to traditional protein sources like beef, chicken, and fish, but according to the brand, their recipes are hypoallergenic and easy for dogs to digest. Packed with vitamins and minerals, their cold-pressed treats have been created with fresh veggies and natural health-boosting ingredients like turmeric and prebiotics to further support your dog’s gut.

The brand said: “Big Pet Food was making dogs sick and leaving behind a big smelly environmental mess. While hoomans had a whole host of options for healthy, planet-friendly snacks, dogs were getting the short end of the stick. Something needed to change… Every dog deserves a treat that’s more than just a mouthful of empty calories. Some Grub is good for them, good for the world, and tasty to boot.”

With help from some funding from the UK government’s innovation agency, Some Grub launched their treats into a network of independent shops, including Hounds. The treats come in Breath Freshening, Gut Boosting and Calming varieties – one for morning, noon and night, if you will.

First off, let’s talk about the packaging, because not only are the colours, designs and branding absolutely beautiful, but the box itself is incredibly nostalgic, opening up with a little flap like a box of Poppets. From here, you can pop out a treat or two by tipping the box, without too many coming out. 

The breath freshening variety is the canine equivalent of a Polo mint. Designed to combat doggy breath, they contain odour-masking peppermint and bacteria-busting spirulina alongside ingredients like seaweed and parsley, acting as a natural deodoriser while helping control the bad bacteria that causes unpleasant smells. 

As for the insect part, they’re made with 26 per cent mealworm, which contain a natural prebiotic called chitin that supports gut health. That means less bloating, fewer flatulence and more solid poop.

Next there’s the gut-boosting treats, which, like the others, are like little cylinder pellet shapes. They’re grain and gluten free, with zero additives or fillers, making them the ideal choice for dogs that may have digestive issues.

These treats are formulated with ingredients like turmeric, inulin, and natural prebiotics to support digestive health. Turmeric acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, helping to ease digestive discomfort and promote joint health, while fibre-fuelled inulin, a natural prebiotic, supports a healthy gut microbiome, and promotes good digestion.

Last but certainly not least, there’s the calming dog treats, which Some Grub say ‘help your dog find their inner zen’. Designed for anxious or restless dogs, these treats contain calming chamomile, renowned for its soothing properties, as well as relaxing passionflower, and chicory root, which supports gut health. These treats help reduce anxiety, promote restful sleep, and improve overall well-being, making them a fantastic bedtime snack.

Some Grub suggest that treats should make up 10 per cent or less of your dog’s total daily calorie intake, and at approximately three calories per treat, they’re a pretty guilt-free, low-cal choice – not to mention affordable. A box of treats come in at £3.99 each, or you can pick up the trio for £11.97 with free shipping from the Some Grub website, which is pretty handy, too.

Whether you’re looking to freshen your dog’s breath, calm their nerves, or boost their gut health, Some Grub has a treat to suit every need. And while I won’t be ditching meat from the Scamps’ diet any time soon, I’m all for a bit of variety and mixing up what’s in their treat jar with a selection of meaty, vegan and now, insect-based treats. 


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