We tried Aldi’s £4 outdoor dog toys and were surprised at how good they were

You know when kids open all their toys at Christmas and they spend all day playing in the cardboard box it came in? Dogs are quite often the same in the sense that you can drop £20 on a fancy new enrichment toy and their favourite thing will still be the £2.50 squeaky ball from B&M. 

We like to rotate Phoebe and Frank’s toys quite frequently because otherwise Frank gets bored and wrecks them, so we swap them out to keep things new and exciting. And recently I picked up some Aldi outdoor toys I certainly didn’t hold out much hope for, but have been surprised at their durability and design.

Aldi launched their outdoor throwing dog toys back in May, and as part of the pet collection, released this orange ‘lobber’. Aldi said: “These durable and fun toys will keep your dog entertained and active. Treat your furry friend to some memorable and fun moments with some brand new toys.”

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The rocket shaped toy has quite a weight to its head, with a lightweight tail which makes it ideal for throwing. Luckily we have quite a big garden to do some fun off-leash fetching, but it would be ideal for freedom fields, or on the beach if you’re able to let your dog off. 

They cost £3.99 each, and feature rubber teeth in the body of the toy which is ideal for stuffing with treats or kibble for an added challenge and enrichment. I find adding treats means Phoebe and Frank will actually try to retrieve them, rather than aim to obliterate the rubber, therefore giving the toy a little more longevity.

The grooves also promote healthy teeth and gums, and the chewing encourages the saliva which aids in dental care. Frank has managed to chew some chunks of rubber off this toy – but it’s rare any toy is safe around him – so this was to be expected, but it held up better than I thought it would. .

What’s more fun is that because of the lobber’s shape, when you throw it it has an unpredictable bounce, meaning it could fling in any direction, making chasing it much more exciting. It can also be used as a tug toy, with a long handle and loop on the end for owners to grab hold of. The loop also comes in handy when it comes to tidying up as they can be hung on a hook out of the way. 

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It was pretty easy to clean as it just rinsed under the hose and wiped off, and the grooves aren’t so deep that food ends up stuck in there, either, meaning bacteria is less likely to build up in there. 

For an Aldi toy that cost me less than £8 for the two, I was seriously impressed and they’re a great way to mentally stimulate your pet for a good half hour or so – depending on how good they are at getting the treats out – and I’d definitely consider picking up some more Aldi toys in future.