Lily’s Kitchen On The Go bars are perfect for road trips and adventures

In 2023, we’re hoping to be on the go with the Scamps a lot more now Covid restrictions are a thing of the past – from DogFest to picnics and pubs, long walks to our annual holiday to Cornwall. And if we’re going to be out of the house during mealtimes, we don’t really want to be carrying around bags of kibble in our rucksack, either.

But Lily’s Kitchen recently launched two nutritionally complete meal bars that are ideal for road trips, adventures, the beach and that accidental overstay at the pub.

The 40g bars come in two meaty flavours – beef and chicken – and are the equivalent to 40g of Lily’s Kitchen kibble, which means Phoebe and Frank would need roughly three or four On The Go Bars each to cover one meal. Of course, smaller dogs might only need one bar, or a bar and a half, depending on their weight and diet.

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These bars are much easier to carry and feed while on the move, or enjoying the view from the top of a hill climb, and don’t necessarily need to be given all in one go, but are useful as a refuel throughout the trip, just like you might grab a protein bar or a sandwich.

The grain-free beef recipe contains 60 per cent freshly prepared beef as well as potato, spinach, cinnamon and superfood flaxseeds, and has been vet and nutritionist approved so owners can be confident their dogs are feeling full and getting all the nutrition they need.

Meanwhile the chicken bar, which is also grain free, contains anti-inflammatory turmeric. coconut, which is a great source of manganese, and much loved banana, which is a firm favourite for Phoebe and Frank..

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The bars cost £2.25 each, or you can get a box of three for £6.75, and can be broken into the perfect portion for bitesize chunks. Full of flavour, the handy bars fit neatly into your jacket pocket or one of the many side compartments of your bag, as well as car door wells and picnic baskets. There are two fingers in each bar, a bit like a Twix, making them perfect for sharing or saving for later.

We love that these are just as good as a bowl full of kibble, with all the vitamins and minerals they’d usually get as part of a balanced diet. While they’re on the expensive side in comparison to how much kibble costs to feed per day, they’re certainly good to have in just in case. Not only that but you could always feed just one bar on the go as an energy boost, and just reduce around 40g from your dogs daily dry food intake at home – it’s just about making sure to stay within their guidelines to avoid unwanted weight gain.

Lily’s Kitchen’s On the Go bars will keep even the busiest dogs satisfied on their next trip to the seaside, the office or the pub, so there’s no need to cut your adventures short this summer. You can shop the On The Go bars here.

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