The Bingo Paw dog bed from Amazon that’s actually worth the money

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We’ve been looking for a dog bed that ticks all our boxes for a good while now, and finally, we’ve found one that is absolutely perfect in every way.

For the last two years, Phoebe and Frank have mostly had ‘make do’ beds, tiding them over until we could find a bed big enough, comfortable enough and affordable enough for them to snooze. 

When emergency struck last year and we needed two new beds that night, I dashed out to Aldi to buy two XL beds for £25 each – a stark reminder of how blooming expensive pet beds are, particularly if you have more than one dog. We later upgraded one of the beds to the Scruffs bed, with Phoebe and Frank then spending their evenings muscling each other out of the way and running in after their bedtime wee to get into ‘the good bed’.

We weren’t ready to ditch the ‘other’ bed because the Scruffs wasn’t quite big enough to commit to one bed, but two mismatched beds just looked unsightly in the living room.

Originally, the Scamps had separate beds because they never used to cuddle up together. But more recently, Phoebe has been scooting up to Frank for a snuggle, often sleeping in the same bed together. As such, we wanted to get one dog bed that would fit them both in, but with plenty of room for them to lie separately if they wanted to.

The bed would also need to be soft, comfortable and durable, at a good price point, as well as being washable, in keeping with our home decor, and fit exactly in the space we needed it to, between the TV and sofa, run and radiator.

My brother – who owns Frank’s dad, Winston – ordered a Bingo Paw pet bed for Winnie and Belle, and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was just what we needed. Even after being hammered by approximately 65kg of dog every day, the bed was still in a like-new condition after a few months, so they decided to buy an extra one, too, having one upstairs in the bedroom, and one downstairs in the lounge.

We took the plunge and ordered the XL Bingo Paw bed from Amazon for around £99, which might sound a lot of money at first, but we spent £50 on two Aldi beds that didn’t really last and quickly needed replacing, so with Bingo Paw, you’re paying for the longevity and quality. There are sizes medium to XXXL available, too, ranging from £60 to £150. 

The Bingo Paw bed arrives vacuum sealed, but quickly unfolds and expands into its correct shape ready to zip on the cover. It’s very easy to assemble – not like trying to get all four corners of a fitted sheet on – and only took a few minutes to complete. 

The bed is made with a thick, supportive sponge base with a fluffy plush cover and padded bolster on three sides, offering a resilient, durable bed that offers maximum comfort and supports joints and mobility. Phoebe and Frank both love to rest their head on the bolsters, too, which is incredibly sweet.

The stylish bed is memory foam, too, with between 8 and 12cm of foam that doesn’t warp or deform. In fact, I’ve clambered into bed with the dogs to test it out, and it’s perhaps even more comfortable than my own mattress! The thickness keeps the dogs elevated away from the cold, hard flooring, too, which we’re very happy about, particularly with Phoebe turning eight this year.

Also built into the bed is a waterproof lining that protects from spills and accidents, as well as an anti-skid rubber backing to prevent it moving around when Frank gets the zoomies. 

Having used the bed for more than a month now, we’ve found it very easy to spot-clean and haven’t needed to wash it full yet. The cover is entirely removable and machine washable, but hand washing is preferred.

The grey fabric goes really well with the colour scheme in our front room, matching our grey sofa and rug really well. It looks sturdy and not sloppy, and what I really like is that you can purchase replacement covers on Amazon, instead of a whole new bed, to make it last even longer.

The Bingo Paw bed is finally one that ticks all our boxes, we love it, Phoebe and Frank love it, and everyone that comes to visit always says how much they love it, too. If you’re looking for a soft, cosy, luxury pet bed for your pooch, Bingo Paw is the only one you need.