Six ears from the Hounds pick ‘n’ mix table your dog will love

Natural chews like ears are a great way to keep your pet entertained and promote dental hygiene. Many pet owners are unaware of the dangers involved and the nasties contained in rawhide, and I would urge you to read up on why you shouldn’t be giving it to your dogs. Ever.

Instead, we give our pets natural chews – from chicken feet to duck necks – which are 100% meat, grain and gluten free and safe for your dogs. We stock up at Hounds, who also sell a monthly chew box containing a selection of treats and chews. In store they have a pick n mix table packed with different natural chews, including pig snouts and buffalo horns.

Today, we wanted to introduce you to a couple of ears that The Scamps love, that will keep them good on a trip to the pub, or as a special treat at home.

Pig ear

Pig ears are one of the most popular pet treats, and are easily recognisable in store. The ears are dense, pink/red in colour and of course, 100% pork.

The gluten free natural chew is nearly 70% protein, and 20% fat – costing £1.20 per ear. Pigs’ ears have a high cartilage content and are easily digestible – chewing on a pigs ear for a prolonged amount of time will help tackle tartar build up and keep teeth clean.

Rabbit ear with hair

These furry rabbit ears are £1, and whilst look a little freaky, your dog will love them. They’re a low fat alternative to the pigs’ ear, and the fur even acts as a natural de-wormer.

The ears are air dried and don’t smell when being chewed, nor make a mess. These can be bought separately or in 100g packets.

They’re grain and gluten free, hypoallergenic, high in protein and suitable for puppies over 12 weeks.

Goat ear

Goat ears are a slightly shorter chew, and great for sensitive dogs who may have joint pain. The ears are a natural source of chondroitin, which can prevent cartilage breaking down and can also stimulate its repair mechanisms.

These are 100% natural, easy to digest and low in fat, as well as being high in protein. The grain and gluten free ear makes a great training tool and are ideal as a snack in their diet. Hounds sell these at £1.20 each.

Venison ear

Similar to the goat ear, the venison ears are also high in protein and contain chondroitin to keep joint pain at bay. These are £1.80 and are easy to digest and hypoallergenic, so again, ideal for sensitive dogs.

The venison ears also come with hair, which – like the rabbit ear – is a natural de-wormer, and is suitable for puppies over 12 weeks. Whilst more expensive than some of the other chews, they’re a real treat that your dog will thank you for.

Lamb ear

Air dried lamb ears are the perfect ‘guilt free snack’ and a sensitive alternative to the pigs’ ear. Made from 100% lamb, the crunchy chew will help keep teeth clean and entertain your pet for a while. Still high in protein (80%), but lower in fat (9%), the hypoallergenic treat contains no preservatives and is suitable for puppies over 12 weeks. These are also just £1 from the pick ‘n’ mix table.

Bull ear

The 100% beef, nearly 90% protein bull ear are less greasy than pig ears, and are easy to digest. They’re just £1 from the Hounds pick ‘n’ mix and are 100% natural, grain and gluten free and sugar free.

Which of these ears would your pet love the best?