Hounds Chew Box September 2020 – what’s inside?

A new month means a new Hounds Chew Box! The Scamps introduced our readers to the subscription box last month, and September’s treats are just as tasty!

The box contains four natural chews and two lots of treats this month, which is amazing value for £8.49 when the contents are valued at around £10.

Picking up a chew box takes out the hard work of choosing treats for your puppy, or dog. Anya and the team put together a real variety each month that your pooch can sink their teeth into, and let them figure out what they like best.

All of the treats included in the box are suitable for puppies and dogs over 12 weeks old – but be reminded to always supervise your pet with chews and treats.

And if you love the Hounds Chew Box as much as we do, you can subscribe for monthly deliveries at £8.07 a month, saving you pennies that could go on toys, or more treats!

You can buy the Hounds Chew Box here.

This month, the box even had a brand new line of treats included, which have flown off the shelves in Hounds. I’d know, I’ve bought all six flavours to review in the coming weeks.

This September 2020, the Hounds Chew Box includes:

  • Pigs Ear
  • Chicken Foot
  • JR Coin
  • Duck Neck
  • New Denzel’s treats
  • Pet Munchies sticks

Let’s start with the Denzel’s Superfood Bites – we got the banana, berries and salmon flavoured bites. There are around 110 treats in the bag, which is made of recycled materials. The vitamin rich treats are like a smoothie in a treat, and they’re a fabulous low calorie training treat.

As previously mentioned, we’ve purchased the entire range to review, so we were really excited to get a bag in our Hounds Chew Box to trial them whilst I hoard the rest in the office ready for photographing. Be sure to keep an eye out for it in our food and treats section soon!

Next up is the Pet Munchies sticks – ours were the duck flavoured sticks. I made a joke that these are like Pepperami for dogs, because they’re individually wrapped. If your dog was a person who had to take a lunchbox to work, one of these Pet Munchies sticks would definitely make an appearance. The pack contains five sticks which are great for walking, and days out like picnics and beach days.

They’re oven baked with 100% natural, real meat with no artificial colours or flavourings, as well as low in salt and high in Vitamin A and E.

Then we move on to the natural treats and chews from the Hounds pick and mix table. There’s a great variety to pick from both in store and online, and each month the team mix it up and let our pooches try new flavours and textures.

This duck neck is thicker and crunchier than the ostrich tube in last month’s box. It contains 100% duck and is gluten free for any pups with allergies. It contains no artificial fragrances, flavours, preservatives or additives. Better than my own diet!

The JR Pure coins are an amazing reward for dogs. Bigger breeds like Phoebe and Frank are likely to wolf them down. But smaller breeds will definitely see this treat as more of a jackpot, which will make it great for learning new tricks. They are air dried from 100% fresh meat, and are grain and gluten free.

Finally is the pigs ear and chicken foot – both of which were included in the August box. These remain firm favourites with most dogs, so they’re always well-received in our house. The pigs ears are 100% pork, and whilst 70% protein, they’re fattier than most treats. These are always a weekend treat when we want to keep them busy for 15 minutes.

The chicken feet are smaller treats, and The Scamps tend to make short work of them. The dried feet contain fatty acids to maintain a healthy coat and keep teeth clean.

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