Hounds and Hers subscription box for dogs and their owners

Hounds and Hers is a subscription box that treats both pet parents and pooches in one. It offers a selection of goodies for your dog to enjoy, with some lifestyle or beauty products for yourself, too!

I ordered a one-off box for £25.99, but you can order a subscription for £22.99 per month, or £20.99 quarterly, saving you £5. And speaking of saving a fiver, you can get £5 off your first box using my code: ref5842751

The box for dog mums and furbabies is personalised to your pets gender and size, and even asks your own preferences on drinks you like and dietary requirements so that you always receive something you and your dogs will love.

Hounds and Hers subscriptions are sent out between the 1st and 5th of each month, and the box I received contained six gifts – three for me, and three for Phoebe. I ordered a girl’s box because Frank commands a lot of attention, whilst Phoebe is much more independent, so I thought a bit of girly time would be nice together.

Hound and Hers said: “When you join the club, we aim to connect you with new products for your dog along with our fabulous finds in beauty and lifestyle treats for yourself too. We aim to be the go-to for taking care of both you and your pup! We always include a drink and snack for you to enjoy too, we tailor the boxes to suit your drinks preferences and also for any dietary requirements. Each box is always worth over the value you pay as we always want you to have the best deals.”

Here’s what we received in our Hounds and Hers box:

For Hound

House of Paws Rope Ball

House of Paws is a brand we are familiar with and they do produce really beautiful toys – their Christmas range is always super cute. The rope ball usually retails at £7, and has little champagne tags coming off each side, which we think makes it look like the Golden Snitch in Harry Potter. The tags crinkle and make a great sensory toy for an exciting game of fetch. Phoebe loves rope toys and has a real knack of undoing them because she’s too clever, so this was a match made in heaven for her.

Denzel’s Pure Paleo Dog Chews

We’ve previously reviewed some of the Denzel’s range here – and The Scamps love the flavours of their gently baked treats. The Pure Paleo flavour is made from 100% natural ingredients including orange, almonds and duck.

These are usually £2.50-£3 in stores, and you get three chews inside which can be easily broken into smaller treats. As mentioned, Denzel’s is a brand we already love, so it was great to see the independent brand featured in the Hounds and Hers box.

The Posh Pet lamb shank

Usually £4.99, The Posh Pet lamb shank is a treat The Scamps couldn’t wait to sink their teeth into. It’s 100% meat and hot air dried to provide a high protein, grain free, all natural treat. These crunchy treats are said to be good for sensitive tummies, and is a great source of energy for your pet.

For Her

Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur with Ginger Ale

I love gin, so I mentioned that in my notes, whilst also stating I’m not a massive fan of wine. I received a can of the Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger gin with ginger ale and served it cold from the fridge after a long week at work. The rhubarb is tart and refreshing whilst the ginger adds a bit of spice, which is lovely for autumn. This is something I would usually pop in my shopping basket if I were out and about.

F and F Lifestyle candle

Retailing at £13, this home fragrance candle makes up half of the cost of the box alone. This natural soy candle is in the scent ‘Weimaraner’, which smells of champagne and pomelo, with grapefruit, orange and rhubarb. The pet-safe candle is biodegradable and vegan, and has around 45 hours of burn time.

Pet-friendly candles are always a welcome gift in our house, particularly in autumn and winter when we burn them most evenings when winding down.

Goupie chocolates

To finish off the Hounds and Hers box is a box of original Goupie chocolates – the’devilishly moreish chocolate confection’. These are usually £4.50, and are a soft Belgian chocolate chew with a ‘hint of crunch’, and feel very luxe. Goupie recommend getting wrapped up in a knitted blanket, getting stuck into a good book and wash them down with a milky tea. Just remember, this is one treat you can’t share with your pet – maybe get those Denzel’s chews handy!