Four Bella and Duke natural treats you need to add to your subscription

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Natural treats and chews are a really important part of your dogs diet, not just as a brilliant source of protein and vitamins but also to offer enrichment and mental stimulation.

They can help add calories to a puppies diet to aid development, or help an older pooch maintain muscle. Not only that, but because chewing is a natural canine behaviour, natural chews and treats make for a great outlet for that instinct – plus, they’re tasty!

Pet food subscription company Bella & Duke have launched a range of premium and healthy treats, designed around the everyday needs of our four-legged friends. The selection focuses on four important elements of our dogs’ lives, which include training, ‘health and happiness’, oral hygiene, and calming comfort.

Bella and Duke launched in 2016 after co-founders Mark and Tony sadly lost their dogs to cancer, prompting research into the negative impacts of processed foods on our pets. Their subscription is raw focused, aiming to improve improving digestion, boost immune systems, increase energy levels and live a longer, healthier life.

So far, they’ve delivered 17,543,002 to 45,800 happy dogs, and Phoebe and Frank have been able to try out some of their natural treats over the last few weeks – and they’ve been a tail-wagging success.

The Supreme Neck of Beef was not something the Scamps had ever tried before, and not something I’ve spotted in local pet stores, so we were really excited to try these. The hollow trachea rings are 100% natural and air dried; due to the naturally occurring glucosamine in the grain-free chew, they’re great for joint care, as well as being high in protein, and low in fat. There were three necks inside the packet, meaning one for Phoebe, one for Frank, and we saved the spare for Winston.

Phoebe and Frank really enjoyed these, and it lasted longer than I’d been expecting, taking the power chewers around 13 minutes to break them down. They’re super crunchy, so the dogs really enjoyed sinking their teeth into these, and it kept them really good – we would definitely stock up on these and add them to our list of favourite long-lasting chews (like beef tail and buffalo skin).

Then there’s the Succulent Duck Feet – again, not something that Phoebe and Frank had really had before. However, knowing how much they enjoy a chicken foot at the weekend, we knew they’d go barking mad for them. Duck is a great alternative if your dog is allergic to chicken, and whilst Phoebe and Frank, fortunately, aren’t, many dogs are.

There are around 13 feet in the packet, which have also been air dried, and are naturally high in chondroitin, aiding joint mobility. We love that they were such a large packet, which is resealable for freshness, and feeding one of these every few days could see the Scamps through the month.

Then we tried out the Deluxe Goat Chews, which are a hypoallergenic single protein chew that are both healthy and nutritious. The packet included three chews, which can be cut up into smaller treats to offer high value training rewards. The packet is an ideal size for taking out on a walk, so you can chop up your treats and have your pup walk like a dream when they hear it rustle. Frank was particularly keen on these, evident from the string of drool hanging from his chops whilst I asked them both for a paw.

Finally we also received a bag of 16 rabbit ears with fur, which can act as a natural de-wormer and promote good gut health. They’re a fantastic source of natural fibre which means healthier poos, and a great source of manganese needed for strong tendons and ligaments. These are a fab choice for dogs of any age, and we usually have a few in the treat tin for the Scamps. Rabbit ears are a lower fat alternative to pigs ears, and are ideal if your pet is recovering from a sensitive stomach, constipation or diarrhoea.

Mark Scott, CEO of Bella & Duke said; “As the market and desire for raw food continues to grow, it makes sense for us to expand on our treats and remedy offering. We all love treating our pets, and there is no reason they shouldn’t be given the best quality foods possible, which is why we have created this new fuller range.

“We’ve extended our range from treats that we know Bella & Duke pets already love but have added new and purpose orientated treats. We’ve also taken care to ensure that pet owners know the optimum purpose for ‘treating’ – whether it’s to assist with dental hygiene, for reward training or simply for happiness.”

As a subscription-based service, the new range of treats can be ordered to complement pre-existing meal plans available via a Bella & Duke subscription. Each subscription is delivered direct to your door frozen to lock in essential nutrients, and in time for when you need your next batch of raw food.