Buffalo skin – how long lasting is this natural chew?

When I heard Hounds had a few new long-lasting products in, I immediately added three black buffalo skins to my basket for Phoebe, Frank and Winston. The JR product – a brand we love for their pure meat coins and sticks – cost £1.80 each and are grain and gluten free.

JR’s Black Buffalo Skin is a long lasting and low-odour chew packed full of protein with no preservatives, making it a great alternative to the often chemical-ridden rawhide. It’s made of 100% pure buffalo meat which has been responsibly sourced, is 100% natural and low in fat. Rawhide is often bleached, coloured and glued, and potential dangers include toxicity, bowel blockage and choking. And whilst you should always supervise your dog with chews, natural options are far healthier and safer for our pets.

For the second half of Paul O’Grady: For The Love Of Dogs, I gave Phoebe and Frank their buffalo skins, and supervised them with it for 20 minutes. It’s very rare anything lasts 20 minutes in The Scamps’ household, but when the show ended, power-chewer Frank had barely made a dent. Phoebe was very reluctant to give up her chew, but was successfully bribed with a slice of sausage.

The chew has a mild odour close up, but nothing offensive – plus you wouldn’t notice it unless you gave it a good whiff. The chew softens under saliva, and both dogs gave it their best attempt to gnaw at the buffalo skin, making it a brilliant natural dental chew which lasts far longer than dental sticks. I was really pleased to see that there was still over three quarters of the chew left.

Winston had the smallest piece of buffalo skin (as we’d also given him the biggest beef tail), and my brother gave it to him whilst he completed some tasks on his computer for work. He said the buffalo skin lasted Winston – an American Bulldog like Frank – 45 minutes and kept him very good! This was longer than I expected the chews to last, but as the week wore on – it was evident that long lasting really did mean long lasting when it came to buffalo skin.

Phoebe and Frank had the same piece of buffalo skin on five different occasions for 15 to 20 minutes at a time – we probably could have made it last six. It’s amazing value for money and works out a similar price to chickens feet per chew, but lasts twice as long! We’ll definitely be stocking up on these as the scamps go mad the minute I get them out of the tin – absolute 10/10 chew for us.