Beef tail treats great for big breeds

If you’ve got a large or giant breed dog and find it difficult to source treats they’ll find a challenge, then why not try jumbo beef tails!

The JR natural beef tails are a long lasting chew made of nothing more than dried beef tails – with no additives or preservatives. The treats cost £2.60 from Hounds, but with our new discount code, you can bag 10% off by adding the code SCAMPS at the checkout.

The JR website claims this chew will ‘keep your dog entertained for hours’, but naturally, most such claims don’t apply to bull breeds. Honestly, they last around 20-30 minutes with Phoebe and Frank, but it’s still an impressive length of time that could be split over two days. For a medium sized dog, or one that isn’t a ‘chew till it’s gone’ kinda canine, then hours is much more likely.

It’s the perfect combo of crunchy and chewy due to the natural cartilage, with delicious marrow in the centre. Whilst Frank chomps and chews as quickly as possible, Phoebe is more precise, and chews the top just enough to lick the goodness from the centre, before repeating – it’s a very measured approach.

This natural chew is ideal for cleaning dogs’ teeth and gums, as well as strengthening their jaw muscles. JR Pet Products say: “Strong jaw muscles are essential so it’s important that jaws are exercised regularly, and beef tails are perfect for the job!”

Beef tails are low in fat and high in crude protein (69.3%), as well as being gluten free, so great for dogs with allergies, and a healthier, natural alternative to rawhide.

I’d say the chew is low odour in comparison to other chews, and the dogs really enjoyed them – especially the centre bit. For a combined price of £5.20 – or £4.68 with 10% off – it’s a fab weekend treat.

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