Frozzys – lickable frozen yoghurt to cool hot dogs

You’ll almost always find a Frozzys in our freezer – in fact, we had four left over from last summer in there up until the recent heatwave. They’re the pawfect treat for cooling your dog down when it’s warm, and an even better excuse to go and get yourself a 99 from the ice cream man so you can enjoy your icy treats in the garden together.

Established  in 2013, border collie Juno sparked inspiration in her owner Noel Conlon, and co-founder Michael Hunt, to develop a fun and delicious, yet healthy dog treat. They launched the range of low-calorie, low-fat yoghurt treats, which are now available in four different flavours at stockists all over the country – one being Hounds, and another at Tittesworth.

The lickable treats are suitable for all dogs and puppies, available in original, strawberry, blueberry and cranberry as individual pots or in a pack of four.

The founders said: “Frozzys is the dog treat with a difference and we are meticulous when it comes to canine nutrition and enjoyment. You won’t find any preservatives, artificial colours or flavours in Frozzys frozen yogurts. We only use natural, simple and healthy ingredients that we know your pooch will love eating and you will love feeding them.”

Phoebe and Frank go mad for a Frozzys – I think their favourite is the strawberry. Not only is it great for cooling them down, it also provides mental stimulation, which helps wear them out if it’s too hot for a walk. You can tear off the lid and give your dog to enjoy themselves – but I find Phoebe tears off the cardboard packaging and scoffs hers then – or hold it for them and let them lick the lactose-free frozen delight.

The recipe is also rich in calcium and packed full of vitamins and minerals, with only 44-53 calories per pot.

Frozzys added: “With canine obesity and disease rates ever-increasing, we felt a personal responsibility to develop simple, yet effective, recipes which would deliver multiple health benefits and features.”

Not only that, but yoghurt has prebiotic benefits for dogs which nourishes good bacteria in the intestine. It also improves digestion and helps control high levels of total cholesterol. Other benefits of enjoying a Frozzys on a hot day are that it’s a good source of animal protein, and a natural source of calcium and potassium.

Here are five ways Frozzys recommend keeping your dog cool in the heat:

  1. Walk your dog during cooler parts of the day, either early morning or late evening.
  2. Always provide fresh clean water.
  3. Ensure your dog has access to plenty of shade.
  4. Your dog may appreciate a paddling pool to splash around in.
  5. Give your dog a delicious, cooling Frozzys frozen yogurt for dogs treat to help keep them cool.


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