Soothing lavender soap bar for dogs that hate bath time

So many new and independent businesses have flourished in lockdown as a result of people discovering new passions, following life long dreams, or deciding on a brand new career. One of those businesses was Happy Dog Happy Planet.

When Laura Clarke was made redundant from a ski chalet business in the French Alps, she returned to the UK and struggled to find a new job during lockdown one. So, Happy Dog Happy Planet was born, creating healthy homemade dog treats and organic soaps at home.

We discovered the brand through the Paws for a Cause subscription box, and after reading through the ingredient list, we simply couldn’t wait to get the Scamps in the bath to try it out. Our Happy Dog Happy Planet soap – which can also be used on horses – was the Lavender and Poppy Seeds fragrance. The bar smelled amazing, and it’s absolutely a scent I would buy a candle in to burn whilst soaking in a bubble bath, so I can see how it would be naturally calming for canines.

The Lavender and Poppy Seed soap also improves blood circulation to hair follicles, is antibacterial and is good for minor skin complaints and anti-dandruff. Phoebe had come out in some hives after rolling in long grass on her walk, so this was perfect for getting any pollen off her skin, whilst treating and soothing the reaction.

Made with 100% organic coconut oil with 100% dog friendly essential oils, the 100g soap is antifungal and anti-inflammatory. I know that if I were suffering hives – as I have in the past – I’d be slathering myself in coconut oil too! In fact, the soaps have all been tested on humans to ensure kindness to skin, containing no harsh detergents or parabens.

The packaging for the soap is a small card wraparound tied with twine, making it biodegradable, plastic free, zero waste and cruelty free. The card is printed double sided to pack the information and ingredients in – and there are even some comical instructions on how to bath your pup!

It says: “Hide all evidence of upcoming bath, do not mention the word bath. Catch dog. Use Bribery. Lead dog to bath with treats, secure all escape routes.

“Thoroughly wet dog, warm water is better. Rub soap all over, lather well and massage it in avoiding the eye area. Einse thoroughly until the water runs clear.

“Use hairdryer (good luck) or fluffy towel to dry. Kiss dog (a lot).”

The packaging also states the Happy Dog Happy Planet soap is suitable for all skin types, including their other scents:

  • Lemongrass, spearmint, peppermint and citronella
  • Puppy pure coconut oil with a hint of lavender
  • Activated charcoal, rosemary and peppermint

Using peanut butter we managed to lure Phoebe into the bath and got to lathering the soap into her fur. The soap is naturally calming, so great for nervous dogs who don’t like the bath. Phoebe was noticeably calmer and better behaved than usual, which could be a result of the soothing soap, combined with coming to terms with the tub. Either way, she didn’t try to escape the bath, and dare I say, almost enjoyed it?

We bathed Frank straight after, and we were really impressed with the amount of bubbles the bar creates. It lathers a lot which means you use less of the bar, making it last longer! It was easy to rinse out, and the dogs smelled amazing afterwards. Their coats looked beautiful and glossy, and the colour of the bathwater was evidence enough that they’d been scrubbed clean!

Phoebe’s hives were less noticeable and less itchy after her bath, but her allergy was still bothering her a little the following day, but the soap definitely helped!