Denzel’s bites in six yummy low-cal flavours

This year Denzel’s have released a new range of treats in their fan-favourite flavours.

The brand create gently baked treats here in the UK, inspired by co-founder James’ cocker spaniel, Denzel.

Denzel’s previously offered a variety of chews which came in boxes of three, in six different flavours. You even got a little playing card with a different Denzel on each!

Now, the same six flavours have been released in low calorie bite-sized treats which are perfect for training or on-the-go.

The six flavours are:

  • Tropical
  • Brunch
  • Paleo
  • High Protein
  • Superfood
  • Nut Butter

We purchased our packs from Hounds for £3 each – and with 110 treats per bag, that’s less than 3p a treat! The soft, squishy treats are 100% natural, grain, wheat and gluten free, and suitable for dogs over the age of 16 weeks.

The packaging is absolutely adorable, with an illustrated image of Denzel on each one. Each has its own colour of the rainbow and Denzel design, from scientist to superhero, even a Flinstone! The packaging is a plastic free pouch and fully recyclable, which is something we are proud to support.

Let’s get into the flavours!

Denzel’s Tropical Bites

The Tropical bites blend mango, coconut and ginger with vitamins and minerals. It features 18% white fish, sweet potato, seaweed, rapeseed oil and vegetable glycerine, as well as the chickpea flour that combines the treat. Mango is high in fibre, whilst coconut helps keep coats healthy. And did you know that the smell of ginger helps relax dogs? You can read more about that in this candle review.

Denzel’s Brunch Bites

Whilst you’re making your instagrammable avo on toast, your pooch could be enjoying their own tasty treat in the same flavours.

The Denzel’s Brunch Bites contain avocado, eggs and salmon, packed with healthy fats to keep your dog fuller for longer. Though anyone that owns a staffie will know they’ll eat anything at any time. The recipe also comprises of chickpea flour, sweet potato, rapeseed oil, vegetable glycerine, honey and dried strawberry.

Denzel’s say locally sourced honey makes a great mid-morning snack for dogs with sensitive tummies.

Denzel’s Paleo Bites

Based on the diet of foods eaten in Paleolithic times, this treat contains unprocessed, whole food ingredients with no refined sugar.

It combines linseed, sunflower chips and almonds to offer a steady release of energy. It contains 18% duck, with chickpea flour, sweet potato, vegetable glycerine, rapeseed oil, orange oil, sesame seeds and turmeric, which is a great anti-inflammatory for dogs.

Denzel’s High Protein Bites

Probably the scamps favourite because they LOVE chicken, the high protein bites are made with real chicken, chickpeas and spinach as a source of Vitamin C and iron. It’s said to offer extra immune support and a healthy coat.

The treats are 35% chicken and 15% chickpea flour, as well as egg, vegetable glycerine and sweet potato.

Denzel’s Superfood Bites

This sounds just like a dreamy superfood smoothie with fresh bananas, berries and apple! They’re comprised of 18% salmon, with fresh blueberries that are high in antioxidants. They also contain sweet potato, vegetable glycerine, rapeseed oil, spinach and dried cranberry. Is there anything better than a – knowing exactly what each ingredient is, and b – almost being happy to eat it yourself for how natural it is?

Denzel’s Nut Butter Bites

A source of protein and fibre, the nut butter bites are made with peanuts, cashews and coconut oil, making it 13% nut butter. Denzel’s add 18% turkey with the chickpea flour, sweet potato and vegetable glycerine – and that’s it!

Nuts are packed full of healthy oils and fats to fight against cholesterol. Denzel’s also never use palm oil – so as to maintain high standards of sustainability.

All in all we think Denzel’s are an amazing low-calorie treat which is good value for money, natural and in a delicious range of flavours. Phoebe and Frank go crazy the second they here the eco-friendly packaging rustle, and that speaks volumes to us as pet owners. We like to put them all in a big treat tin so that it’s like a doggy pick ‘n’ mix – with each one being a different flavour!