Brand new Lily’s Kitchen Lamb Tagine review

Lily’s Kitchen Lamb Tagine is the latest flavour on the extensive menu that’s bound to get your dog’s tail wagging.

We’ve previously mentioned why we love Lily’s Kitchen wet food, so were very excited to try out their newest offering.

The Lamb Tagine’s vibrant packaging is as beautiful as the rest of the range, with a teal green base with pink and orange accents. It gives off some real contemporary autumnal vibes, and certainly adds to the incentive of purchasing Lily’s Kitchen.

Inspired by the classic taste of Morocco, the Lamb Tagine is created with 60% freshly prepared lamb, amongst a host of yummy veggies like broccoli and squash. It hit supermarket shelves in August as the first new flavour since Fish Supper in June 2017 – but this week Beef Ghoooulash also hit the shelves as a spooky Halloween recipe.

As well as a high meat content – something we always look for – the recipe also comprises of couscous, broccoli, apricots, kale, brown rice, turmericand flaxseed. It also has a range of herbs and botanicals, like nettles, aniseed and milk thistle. Moreover, it contains cinnamon for its anti-inflammatory properties, and squash for its high fibre content.

On the Lily’s Kitchen site, you can actually click every individual ingredient on the ‘nutritional facts’ tab, and it will tell you exactly why each ingredient was carefully selected for your dogs dinner.

Announcing details of the new recipe, David Milner, CEO of Lily’s Kitchen said: “Our purpose at Lily’s Kitchen is to inspire pet parents to feed pets properly, with high quality, natural pet food. But that doesn’t mean mealtimes should be boring.

“With our new Lamb Tagine recipe, paw-rents can share their favourite exotic flavours with their beloved pets, all the while knowing that the food they’re eating is the best possible quality and made with their health in mind.”

These tins are packed full to the very top. In fact, when I popped the can, there was some instant overspill – we like to see our money’s worth!

Using a fork, I scooped out a slice of the Lily’s Kitchen Lamb Tagine for inspection. I’ve previously mentioned how I love that you can see the chunks of vegetables in the food, rather than feeding overly processed, pureed food. Another notable thing is the smell – I’m quite sensitive to unpleasant odours, and Lily’s Kitchen food is always a delight to plate up. I’m convinced that if heated, it wouldn’t smell too dissimilar to my mum’s cooking.

To obtain the scamps expert opinion, I spread a thin layer of the Lily’s Kitch Lamb Tagine onto their LickiMats and let them loose. Instantly, Frank picked his up and carried it to a quieter corner to get stuck in. Phoebe, on the other hand, was enjoying it too much to move. The LickiMats kept them good for at least 10 minutes, and even after there was no food left, they continued to lick the remaining flavour from the mat. Frank loved it so much he chewed a hole in his.

The Lily’s Kitchen website has a feature where you enter your dog’s weight, age and activity levels, and it will calculate the ideal amount to feed. It will give you options for feeding just wet, or kibble combined, too.

The Lily’s Kitchen Lamb Tagine is available in a tray, tin or multipack, saving money each time. You can also subscribe to have your food delivered each month, saving you 5% on your order – with orders over £29 qualifying for free delivery.