Personalised pet breed decorations you’ll keep forever

The Crafty Giraffe had been popping up on my social media adverts for a few weeks when my brother told me he’d ordered some of their personalised pet decorations. Of course, I had to get some too.

Launched in Scotland in 2013, The Crafty Giraffe was the brainchild of Shani, creating art in the spare room of her house. Now, the site stocks a range of personalised cards, gifts and homeware, with the perfect gift for anyone and everyone.

One of their most popular products though, are their personalised pet decorations. The range features cats, rabbits, reptiles, birds and of course, dogs. But they also stock a few wilder species, like badgers, gorillas, pigs and seals! My brother ordered an American Bulldog decoration for Winston, and a cockatiel for Gizmo.

There are 288 dog decorations to browse through, though you can of course search your breed in the search bar. We searched for Staffordshire Bull Terrier – despite Phoebe and Frank being crossbreeds, they both display more Staffy features than other breeds they’re crossed with. On The Crafty Giraffe, there are two types of Staffy decoration to choose from, with a slight differentiation in the ears.

The decorations are £5.95, but at the time I ordered, they were buy one get one free, which is an amazing deal. Made of plywood, the decorations are around 10cm by 8cm, and there’s the option to add a gift box for £1.50. The little Staffy decoration wears a festive scarf and is adorned with a red thread to attach it to your tree. We personalised ours with ‘Phoebe’ and ‘Frank’ – you can have up to 12 characters on each decoration. Other breeds have little Santa hats or Christmas jumpers, which are equally as adorable.

Having read the reviews on the website, it’s clear that a lot of people have purchased these after a pet has passed away, as a way to still share and remember them at Christmas. We think they’re just a lovely addition to the tree, seeing as Christmas is as much about the dogs as it is us! They’d also make a lovely gift for friends and family who have pets – remembering they don’t just stock dog breeds!

The quality of the decorations is lovely, and absolutely worth their pricetag – particularly as I only paid around £7.50 for both! They’ll last forever, so can be put on the tree each year at Christmas – and add to the collection if you get any more pets! Just the two Scamps will do us, though!