What’s inside the Scamps’ Hounds personalised Christmas sack

Christmas at Hounds is always an exciting time with a festive window display, Christmas themed treats and toys, and the much-loved festive photo shoot. I love being the resident photographer for the Santa Paws or Grinch themed shoots – and this year, the socially distanced shoot sold out within an hour!

As you can probably tell, the Hounds team don’t do Christmas by half – even during a global pandemic. And their popular personalised pet gifts have made a grand return for 2020 – and we managed to get our paws on one.

In previous years, Hounds owner Anya has worked with designer Ali Reed to create handlettered Christmas Eve boxes or festive gifts. This Christmas, the duo have teamed up again to bring dog-owners a beautiful personalised product that you’ll be able to use year in, year out.

The Hounds personalised Christmas sacks were on pre-order from October, and I couldn’t wait to order one for The Scamps. It arrived mid-November filled with goodies that Phoebe and Frank will love. You can order a sack all the way up to December 11, but any orders placed after aren’t guaranteed for Christmas (we suspect they’ll sell out before then too!)

The sacks cost £28.99 and can feature one dogs name on the bag. We opted for ‘Scamps’, because Phoebe and Frank are pretty good at sharing! The sack is filled with five festive gifts with a value around £20, from treats to toys – even giving us a choice of two different Christmas squeaky toys.

Everything in the bag typically comes gift wrapped, but we asked for ours to be left unwrapped so we could show you what’s inside!

Here’s what we got in our Hounds personalised Christmas sack:

Petface Sprout Toy

When ordering there is a dropdown menu to choose between a sprout toy or a carrot wearing a Santa hat. We opted for the sprout because he’s super cute and looked as though he might survive longer than the carrot. The green plush has an internal squeaker, and three outer leaves with a crinkle inside them to add to the excitement.

Denzel’s Christmas lunch chews

We’ve previously reviewed the Denzel’s bites and received the Pure Paleo chews in our Hounds and Hers subscription box. The Christmas Lunch chews are a limited edition flavour of their popular treats, baked with turkey, cranberry and stuffing! These are great for feeding as a special treat, or for breaking into smaller treats to offer as a reward. We’re sure the Christmas Lunch chews will be a wagging success on Christmas day!

Lily’s Kitchen festive treats

The Lily’s Kitchen ‘proper treats’ pantomime themed gift-box is packed with three of the brands exciting grain-free meaty treats.

Inside is the limited edition Christmas Turkey Bites, Mini Beef Burgers and Duck and Venison Sausages. We love the Lily’s Kitchen festive range, and the Scamps are enjoying opening their advent calendar each day, and have the Three Bird Roast for their Christmas dinner.

The Mini Beef Burgers are 80% beef, and we created some amazing slider-themed treats with them in summer. The duck and venison sausages I think will be similar to the pork and apple ones, which can be cut into quarters to create bite sized treats. We’re super excited to take a peek at the limited edition turkey bites.

JR Venison sticks

We received the JR Pure Venison sticks in our sack, but some of them may contain the equally festive turkey treats!

These award-winning treats are 100% pure meat with no additives or preservatives, meaning they’re both grain and gluten free. The high value venison reward will send your dog barking mad, and it’s always worth having a packet in the house as a health treat.

JR Duck Pate

Want to keep our dog good whilst you unwrap presents? The JR Duck Pate on a Lickimat or in a Kong will absolutely do the trick and give your pet a good 15 minutes of stimulating entertainment. The Pate is made of 100% duck and no offal. It’s a single source of protein and can be fed as part of their daily diet if you find yourself short of kibble! It’s a really versatile product which can even be frozen. We were really excited to find this in the Hounds personalised Christmas sack.