Sniffe and Likkit Home Barking Kit pawfect for Great British Bake Off lovers

Everyone and their dog has been watching the Great British Bake Off 2021, and rightly so – it’s some of the most wholesome, heart-warming content on the TV. But how about a spot of baking in your own kitchen? Or should we say ‘barking’.

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend feeding your dog an anti-gravity cake or a focaccia, you can certainly get them involved with this fabulous cake bake – and it’ll take less than half an hour, too.

Sniffe and Likkit offer a boutique collection of grooming gifts and treats keep your canines feeling fur-bulous. We tried out their Home Barking Kit and honestly, I was completely blown away at how easy it was to use, and how successful they came out. I’d have definitely been awarded Star Baker and a Hollywood handshake in the tent.

The Sniffe and Likkit Home Barking Kit comes with a special dry mix recipe and a reusable silicon paw and bone baking mould. Priced at £15, it has (almost) everything you need to create eight to ten pupcakes in about 25 minutes. All you’ll need from your own kitchen is one egg, a little bit of oil, a bowl and some tap water – oh, and some hungry pooches, too.

The British-made cake mix features a flour blend of rye, brown rice and coconut, alongside chicken liver, chia seeds as well as turmeric, parsley and black pepper to make them extra tasty. I added the flour into a mixing bowl before adding a medium egg, three tablespoons of olive oil (I’d have used vegetable, but we were out), and around eight tablespoons of water.

Usually when baking my own biscuits, I end up with a super lumpy mixture and a really sticky dough, but the consistency of the Sniffe and Likkit mix was a total dream – exactly like a cake pop. It was mouldable without being sticky or too crumbly, which meant I could get my hands in and start stuffing the silicon mould, pushing the cake mix down to ensure the paw and bone pattern would bake properly. After pressing the mix into the mould, I flattened each one with the back of a spoon before popping them in the oven for about 15 minutes.

I popped the kettle on, made a cuppa, and found Bake Off on catch up, and before I knew it, the smell of freshly baked dog treats was wafting from the kitchen. I was really surprised that the mould was totally oven safe, and I can’t wait to use it to make more treats in the future too. After bringing them out of the oven, I simply popped them out of the mould with no sticking, breaking, or crumbling – no kitchen disasters here – and left them to cool whilst I did the washing up. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Frank were lurking in the doorway waiting to see what had come out of the oven smelling so delicious.

Phoebe and Frank taste tested the bakes once they were cool enough, and I felt like one of the contestants waiting for Pru and Paul to give their verdict. The sign of a good treat is if Frank runs off with it to find somewhere better to eat it, and if Phoebe hoovers up her crumbs from the floor. Both dogs completely inhaled their Sniffe and Likkit cakes from the Home Barking Kit, and I have to say, I was pretty proud of them too!