Primark pet microfiber towels for drying a soggy doggy fast

When Phoebe came out in a rash of hives over the weekend, we chucked her in the bath to get the pollen off her skin, which proved the perfect opportunity to test out the Scamps’ new microfiber towels.

I picked up a two pack of Primark pet microfiber towels for just £4 a few weeks back, which I thought was an absolute bargain. It comes as Primark has launched a whole host of pet products, from accessories and toys, to grooming, beds and bowls. The Primark pet microfiber towels that I bought were both grey – one dark with two paw prints on the corner, and a lighter grey with paw prints all over. They’re bigger than a hand towel, but slightly smaller than a bath towel, so covered both Phoebe and Frank’s backs for drying. They’d be more than ample for anything smaller than a staffy or spaniel, but large and giant breeds may need something bigger.

After bathing the dogs with their new Herbal Dog Co soap, they shook off the excess water and got rubbed down with the towels. There seems to be a slightly different texture between the two towels – one is finer than the other – but this doesn’t affect their use. They’re really lightweight and absorbent, so it takes much less time to dry your soggy doggy. Microfiber is more absorbent than cotton, and it’s less likely to trap fur, which is perfect as dogs shed more when they’re wet.

The dogs having their own towels also means they’re not getting the human towels smelling of wet dog, plus, when a regular towel is used to dry a dog, it becomes really heavy – then proceeds to take up all the room in the washer and dryer. These Primark pet microfiber towels fold down small and take up barely any space, and are really easy to wash and dry.

As well as being super handy for bath time, these Primark pet microfiber towels are also perfect for throwing in the car to be used post-muddy walk, or used for drying paws at the back door at home. They’re also ideal for the beach to dry off after a dip in the sea, and for dusting sand off before getting home.