The cheese bone dog chew that’s 100% natural

The cheese bone, sometimes known as a Yak or a Yakker, is something I’ve wanted to try The Scamps with for a while, but I often find they carry a higher price tag – and when I have to buy two of everything, I would usually buy something more affordable instead.

It’s not often I’ll pick up treats and chews from supermarkets, because I’m not a huge fan of brands stocked, or the potential nasties hidden in the ingredients. But with a 100% natural promise and a bit of internet searching, I was happy to take these £2.99 B&M bones home for The Scamps.

The cheese bone comes in two sizes at B&M, so I picked up the smaller size for Phoebe and Frank as the bigger ones were out of stock. The large ones are double the size for £4.99. The ‘Cheese Dog’ product contains no gluten, and is low calorie and low in lactose – as well as 65% protein.

You’ll probably be wondering why it’s called a cheese bone. The product uses an ancient Himalayan recipe where milk is turned into a low lactose cheese, then hardened for three months where it turns into this high density chew. The product description says it will last large dogs a few days, and small to medium dogs longer.

Any small pieces that are broken off the bone – or when the chew is nearly gone – can be put in the microwave for 30-45 seconds, and it puffs up almost like a puffed pig snout. Once cool, it becomes a crunchy treat your pet will love.

I gave Phoebe and Frank their cheese bones, and after 20 minutes, Phoebe had barely made a dent in it – but was very happy with her new chew. Frank – a much stronger chewer – had managed to break some small pieces off, but still had around three quarters of the chew left. I popped the small pieces he’d broken off into the microwave, and used the new puffed biscuity treat as a bribe to retrieve the cheese bones when they’d had them for nearly half an hour.

Because of how long they last, these are amazing for keeping up with good dental hygiene, and don’t have much of an odour like some dog chews. This particular chew is suitable for puppies over three months old – but remember to always supervise your dogs when they’ve got treats and chews.