The Innocent Pet luxe sausage treat range

Ad – press samples – all views are our own

The Innocent Pet is a family owned business based in rural Yorkshire, creating luxury pet treats that are ‘nutritious, healthy, and made with good quality, carefully sourced British ingredients’.

We loved making their Christmas Cake and Birthday Cake recipes, but now it’s time for us to turn our attention to the treats. Grain free and hypoallergenic, The Innocent Pet treats are mostly single protein, making them much better for dogs with sensitivities or allergies.

We love that The Innocent Pet dogs – Bongo and Mash – are rescues just like Phoebe and Frank. The brand are dedicated to supporting rescue centres and charities, and have a ‘zero-waste treat policy’ which allowed them to send nearly 400kg of treats to animal rescues in the UK in 2018!

Phoebe and Frank tried out a selection of their sausage treats, which are all hand made and then gently air-dried over seven days. The Innocent Pet said: “It’s a slow process, but one that retains flavour and nutrients. We operate to the highest standards and are proud to have achieved SALSA accreditation!”

The Venison Sausages with chopped apple are a firm favourite with Phoebe and Frank. The brand use lead safe venison, meaning that they made every effort to ensure that the meat is not contaminated with lead emitted from bullets. They undergo a thorough lead testing programme which involves laboratory analysis and metal detection of the raw meat, followed by metal detection of the finished product.

The treat contains 80% British single protein venison, as well as diced apple, vegetable glycerine and minerals. These can be fed whole, but I like to get a pair of scissors and cut them into slices – this makes them a brilliant high quality training treat that your dog will be determined to work hard for.

Phoebe and Frank also tried the Sliced Venison Sausage, which is also 80% British venison, but with potato instead of apple. The treat is suitable for dogs on a raw diet, and we love that they come pre-sliced for a no-fuss luxury treat. These are pawfect for decorating dog-friendly cakes with, or even as a gift for your dog’s bestie’s birthday!

Finally, we sampled the Sliced Duck Sausage with Cranberry, made with 80% British duck meat and whole cranberries – how festive! Again, we really like the slices sausages for ease, and because they’re so good, we find the sliced treats go further than the whole sausages.

At The Innocent Pet, they’re really transparent about what goes into their products, which is labelled honestly and simply. “We have nothing to hide and we believe you should know exactly what you are feeding your pet,” founder Chloe and Justin explained. Not only that, but each product sees at least 10 points of manual intervention and expertise.

We love The Innocent Pet range for their dedication to quality, nutrition and charity, and we can buy their luxury treats with confidence that our dogs will come running the second they hear the packet.