Three eco-friendly Scrumbles treats to add to your dogs shopping list

Scrumbles founders Aneisha and Jack went through a pretty stressful (and expensive) time with their pet moggy, Boo, when she was rescued. Actually, her story isn’t too dissimilar to Phoebe’s. Boo was struggling with a sensitive stomach which saw some more than unpleasant poos and pricy veterinary bills, and was prescribed a probiotic paste to improve her digestion – just like Phoebe was.

Only, it was at this point that the couple decided to dive deeper and look at the root cause of Boo’s tummy troubles – her diet, and the general nasties found in a lot of pet foods that are produced by large companies.

Alas, Scrumbles was born, and after being approved by Boo, their dog, Smudge, was hired to taste test their dog treats and canine kibble, too.

The team said: “It’s easy to see why when nearly all the options out there have ingredient lists longer than your vet’s bill and shady things – like non-named meat sources or pea protein – that you don’t want to find in your pets’ food. We created Scrumbles as we wanted to create something that was better for cats and dogs.

“We spent a year studying canine and feline nutrition then, with the help of expert nutritionists, ceaselessly experimented with recipes to create the optimal nutrition for cats and dogs that they also loved to eat. After a solid year and a half of testing – and a lot of poo selfies – Scrumbles was born.”

Here at House of Scamps, we can totally relate to their situation, following multiple vet trips, stool samples, blood tests and antibiotics. That’s how we know that Aneisha and Jack have our pets’ best interests at heart – because they’ve been there too.

We picked up three products from their healthy treat range, and we think you all need to give them a go.

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Scrumbles Nibbles: Calming Dog Treats

There are two types of Scrumbles dog treats – nibbles and softies. Nibbles are much more of a biscuit consistency, and give a little bit of a crunch. The button shaped treats are made with ingredients than can naturally calm your pooch, including chamomile and lemon balm, alongside their signature product, slippery elm, to aid digestion.

These are suitable for dogs and puppies over three months, and have had their ingredients responsibly sourced, and baked in the UK in eco-friendly carbon neutral ovens.

The turkey treats are perfect for soothing stressed dogs, and are ideal to use around Halloween and bonfire night, as well as Christmas and New Year. Owners with particularly sensitive souls might find these handy for car journeys and vet trips if your pup isn’t keen.

We really love the Scrumbles branding, and the slightly muted packaging which is 100% plastic free and compostable. Not only do Scrumbles care about your dog and their health, but the planet too.

Plus, even if your pooch isn’t bothered by all the seasonal shenanigans, they make a pawesome bedtimes snack to help them wind down whilst you watch Netflix.

Scrumbles Softies: Chicken & Duck

The Scrumbles Softies are a chewy, grain-free training treat made with chicken, sweet potato and, of course, slippery elm. The softies are gently baked to be soft on older dogs’ teeth, as well as use ingredients that avoid common allergens.

Low cal and low fat, these treats are light on the waistline, and Scrumbles recommend feeding four to five a day. The added benefits of pumpkin and chia seeds promote healthy skin and coat, as well as muscle function, with the British chicken and duck offering a great source of protein.

We really like the softies for hiding in puzzle feeders as they fit really nicely in the slots, and it means your pup really has to work to earn them.

Scrumbles Softies: Plant Powered

Scrumbles know that not all dog treats need to include meat, so offer both options to their four-legged customers. Their plant based softies are made with 100% natural ingredients from sweet potato flour to dried apple.

Naturally vegan, these fab treats are kinder to the planet and, alongside their plastic free packaging, make for a guilt free buy for pooch and pooch parent.

Scrumbles said: “Mindful of our environmental footprint, a supplementary treat doesn’t need to have meat in it, which is why this is a vegan dog treat. Seaweed grows naturally and quickly without the need for land, chemicals, fresh water or power. It’s super sustainable and absorbs carbon whilst oxygenating water.”

These are awesome for training with, as their gut-friendly ingredients are even suitable for dogs with pancreatitis – we love teaching the Scamps new tricks with them, like ‘tell me a secret’.