Naughty or Nice? Fluff and Crumble personalised Christmas dog biscuits

When I was little, and the magic of Santa coming down the chimney was still very much real, I loved nothing more than laying out a plate of biscuits and a glass of sherry for Father Christmas, and a carrot for Rudolph. I would always be elated in the morning to find a half gnawed, glitter root vegetable on the fireplace – only to discover years later that it was, in fact, the dogs that had chomped the carrot for dramatic effect.

But I still adored the fact that mum and dad had roped my beloved dogs into keeping the secret of Santa alive, trying to make it all as realistic as possible for me. Now I’m nearly 24, and we still leave sherry out for Santa, and my parents still wait until I’ve gone to bed after a gin to put the presents under the tree.

This year, though, Phoebe and Frank have their own letter to Santa, cookies and milk to leave on the fireplace! Dog biscuit business Fluff and Crumble have launched their adorable Christmas ‘Happy Howl-idays’ range, and they make amazing gifts for your dogs and all their friends.

Their personalised Santa Paws Christmas Eve noms iced dog biscuit set is priced at £8.99, and is the sweetest way to celebrate the night before Christmas with your pets. The set includes a personalised note for Santa – with ours addressed from the Scamps, as well as two cookies and a glass of milk – not forgetting two carrots for Rudolph (how else would he fuel himself to travel around the world delivering gifts?)

Beautifully hand decorated, the biscuits are made in small batches with the brand’s signature peanut butter and coconut recipe, meaning they’re all natural, and free from sugar, salt, xylitol, additives and preservatives. Their biscuits are dehydrated rather than baked, and have a three month shelf life, meaning they’ll last until February.

The natural icing is coloured with ingredients like spirulina, turmeric, beetroot and coconut charcoal to give them their vibrant appearance and they look really fabulous. The carrots and milk even have little smiley faces, and the biscuits are big enough to give as a reward, or to break up for their jar.

We also picked up some of the Fluff and Crumble personalised festive bauble biscuits for £5.29, in the colours slate and cotton candy. These can be personalised with up to seven letters, so Phoebe and Frank both fit nicely on these. The hand-decorated biscuits are complete with a ribbon tie for handing on the Christmas tree – though I’m not sure they’d be hanging on the end of a branch for very long!

And I’ll let you guess which of the Scamps is on Santa’s nice list, and which is on the naughty list this year. For those unsure which pooch should be receiving a lump of coal, we bought the Naughty and Nice biscuit duo for £8.98. The cream biscuits are decorated with a burgundy icing and are a hilarious buy for two-dog households – we can’t wait to share the snaps on the guys’ Instagram account.

After launching their festive range on November 12, it was a huge success, with a restock on December 2. You can bag free delivery on orders over £20, and an extra 10% off when you sign up to the Fluff and Crumble mailing list – but you’ll have to be quick as they’re only available until December 6 and postage can be on the slow side.