Trying out the new Lily’s Kitchen Breaktime Biscuits

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I’m a real creature of habit – I like my first cup of tea before 9am and I like my daily, and weekly schedules. But no-one loves a routine more than our dogs, from the time they have their tea, to a Lily’s Kitchen Bedtime Biscuit as they’re tucked in for the night.

My dogs have really taught me a lesson or two about breaks and routines, helping to give my working-from-home-life more structure. Each morning I get up, log on, and let them out for a wee whilst the kettle boils for my cuppa before they come bounding in for a Rise and Shine biscuit. I sit in on my morning Google Hangout conference and feed them breakfast straight after before carrying on with my work.

But there’s a new alarm set on my phone to ensure I give myself a five minute screen break – the Breaktime Biscuits alarm. The Lily’s Kitchen Breaktime Biscuits were launched in May this year, and are the pawfect pre-lunch pick me up. Made with peanut butter, banana and cinnamon, they make for a brilliant mid-morning snack along with the bottom of a cup of tea.

The banana is high in potassium and dietary fibre, whilst peanut butter is low in cholesterol and cinnamon is known for being anti-inflammatory. The crunchy biscuits have been gently baked, and The Scamps find them totally irresistible.

The Breaktime Biscuits are part of the Lily’s Kitchen biscuit range that also includes the Bedtime Biscuits, Rise and Shine Biscuits and Training Treats – meaning there’s a treat for every time of the day! The packaging for all the biscuits have been switched to fully recyclable, resealable pouches, to keep them fresher for longer.

And after just a few days of having a Breaktime Biscuit when I have my own biscuit with a brew, The Scamps soon cottoned on and won’t let me forget to get the little orange packet out of the cupboard (though it does mean I can eat my own custard cream in peace).