Creating a ‘treat routine’ with Lily’s Kitchen biscuits

Do you have a wind-down routine to help you relax? Maybe you like to have a bubble bath and a glass of gin. Equally, you might like to have a morning cuppa before you start your day.

Your dog loves a routine more than you do, so why not get them involved too. I can set my clock by Frank – he’s definitely a creature of habit. If he had an ideal daily schedule, it would be:

8am – wake up, stretch and snuggle mum

8.30am – wee

9am – breakfast

9.10am – poop

9.20am – cuddles and play

9.45am – collar on – excited dance

10am – walkies

11am – nap

Phoebe’s more relaxed with her routine, but she will let you know that you’re late putting tea down or that she’d like her walk now. The Scamps very quickly cottoned on that when they come inside after a wee, they get a treat – typically a low calorie one since they soon realised they could sit by the backdoor to be let out for no reason, and come inside for a treat.

We’ve recently introduced a selection of Lily’s Kitchen treats into our dogs’ daily routines – and they love it, especially their bedtime biscuits!

Lily’s Kitchen Rise and Shine Baked Treats

First think in the morning we flick the kettle on and let the Scamps out for a wee. Once my cuppa is made and we’ve settled by the sofa, Phoebe and Frank get a Rise and Shine Baked Treat.

The flower shaped biscuits are such a cute way to start a day, comprising of liver, carrots and oats amongst herbs and botanicals. They’re slowly oven-cooked until golden and crunchy – and let’s face it, a biscuit before breakfast always feels naughty, but nice!

These can be fed to dogs over the age of 16 weeks, and Lily’s Kitchen recommend up to two per day – but we just feed the one. For smaller dogs, the biscuits can be easily broken in half, to make them go further, too.

Lily’s Kitchen Organic Cheese and Apple Training Treats

As I mentioned earlier, Phoebe and Frank quickly associated going out into the garden with getting a treat on coming indoors. They also quickly realised that shaking the little yellow box of Lily’s Kitchen treats meant tricks training time!

Every week we like to try and dedicate about half an hour – split over a few days – to teaching Phoebe and Frank tricks and obedience. The treats are bite sized and made with fresh organic apples and mature organic farmhouse cheddar – sounds good enough to eat!

The low in fat oven baked biscuits make ideal training treats, and can be fed any time during the day.

Lily’s Kitchen Organic Bedtime Biscuits

The bedtime biscuits are our absolute favourite biscuit of the day.  The Scamps sleep together downstairs and demand to be tucked in after going out for their last wee. After they’re all snuggly, they get a Lily’s Kitchen bedtime biscuit before they go to sleep.

The oval shaped treats smell incredible, and are made with probiotic yoghurt, honey, passion and chamomile flowers. The artisinal biscuits are oven baked, wheat free and hypoallergenic, and can be fed to puppies over 16 weeks.

The idea of a bedtime biscuit is truly adorable – and something I’ve incorporated into my own routine. Hey, if the dogs get a biscuit, then so do I, right? Nothing beats a shortbread! These Lily’s Kitchen treats smell super relaxing, so it’s no wonder the Scamps adore their bedtime snack.