Inside The Valentine’s Box from Happy Hound Accessories

Frank’s Valentine’s gift to Phoebe this year was the monthly surprise box from Happy Hound Accessories.

The independent brand have been offering monthly gift boxes for four years, but for 2021, each box now has a specific theme. Boxes are ordered a month in advance, for example, the Febrary Valentine’s Box was available to buy during the first three weeks of January, being posted out during the final week of the month to arrive before February!

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, the brand was established in 2016, and has appeared in Tatler, Vanity Fair and Vogue.

The Happy Hound Accessories monthly gift boxes cost £22 each, and feature a mystery handmade bandana, an accessory, a themed toy, and treats worth £30. For every box purchased, Happy Hound Accessories donate £1 to the Dogs for Good charity.

What’s inside the Valentine’s Box from Happy Hound Accessories

Bandana and accessory – handmade at Happy Hounds Accessories, each box contains a Valentine’s themed bandana. You get to choose between extra small, small, medium and large, so a good variety. The large is actually a bit big for Phoebe and Frank, so it’s great that they’re accommodating to even bigger breeds than American bulldogs. Not all of the designs are the same, but we think the Free Hugs one certainly suits Frank’s cuddly personality! This also comes with care instructions, which is a brilliant touch to help keep it looking fresh. In terms of an accessory, the box contained a little heart shaped badge that says ‘Best Buddy’, which can be stitched onto a harness or coat.

Treats – The box came with two bonio biscuits, and three Jammy Dodger style biscuits. Phoebe and Frank may need to re-enact the spaghetti scene from Lady and The Tramp with the last one. These look absolutely adorable, but I’m a sucker for a dog treat that looks good enough to eat myself! The biscuits are a similar size to that of a human Jammy Dodger, so could even be broken in half, particularly for smaller dogs.

Toys – The Valentine’s Box has not one, but two toys, which means The Scamps won’t have to share! There are two romantic plush dog toys: a rose, and a ‘love potion’. These won’t last long in our house because Phoebe is a stuffed toy shredder. Kevin the carrot lasted all of about four and a half minutes on Christmas day. These are super cute though, and still worth the money for the joy it brings them to destroy a plushie.

The next themed box is ‘Eco Friendly’, and contains eco friendly treats, a toy, a handmade bandana and accessories which are all plastic free! For more information, or to purchase a monthly box, visit Happy Hound Accessories here.