Hounds Chew Box unboxing February 2021

The Hounds Chew Box is one of the only monthly boxes we tend to pick up every single month due to it’s value for money, and variety.

For February, the combined total for the products in the box would cost you £9.48, but you only pay £8.49. Or, if you commit to paying monthly, you can subscribe and save 5 per cent, only paying £8.07 a month.

This month, the Hounds Chew Box featured two types of packaged treats, and four items from the pick and mix treat table. The subscription box has been running for nearly three years, and Hounds don’t publish the contents of the box online, so it’s always a total surprise.

Here are some reviews from previous months:

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All of the treats included in the box are suitable for puppies and dogs over 12 weeks old – but be reminded to always supervise your pet with chews and treats.

Here’s what’s in the Hounds Chew Box this February:

  • Forthglade treats
  • Jr Venison sticks
  • Cows ear
  • Porky snout
  • Two turkey coins

From the treat table, there are two JR turkey coins, which are usually 50p each. They’re the Jazzies equivalent in a doggo pick ‘n’ mix, but are 100% air dried meat. They can be given whole, or broken up for training and to make them go further. There was also a cows ear, which is always popular, and slightly more sensitive than a pigs ear – but you can read more about the ears we love at Hounds here. The porky snout is a new product for 2021 at Hounds – we’ve previously enjoyed the puffed pig snouts in our house! The porky pig snout is a natural dental chew which is low in fat, high in protein, and grain and gluten free. I think these are going to be pretty popular and just a pound a pop!

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, the Forthglade treats are their adorable heart shaped grain free biscuits. We reviewed the range here earlier this month. The ones featured in the Chew Box is the calming treats, which feature calming herbs like camomile and lemon balm, which may help reduce stress or anxiety, as well as  Skullcap – a soothing herb that may help calm dogs with a nervous disposition. They’re brilliant for using before bedtime, or whilst on walks if your dog is on the anxious side. These are usually £2.99 a pack at Hounds.

Finally, the Chew Box contains the award-winning 100% mean JR Venison sticks. This hypoallergenic treat is ‘currently the purest dog treat in the UK’, which is quite the statement for a brand to be able to make. There are no additives or preservatives, and are also grain and gluten free. These could be given as a chew for a special treat, or broken into smaller chunks to store in the treat tin.

The Hounds Chew Box is one of the best natural treat subscription boxes on the market, carefully thought out, well priced, and genuinely different each month to help you discover what your dog loves. There’s been so many brands featured in this little box over the years that we have continued to purchase. Plus, spend £20 online and you can opt for free local deliver across Stoke-on-Trent and parts of Staffordshire.