Giant tennis ball for dogs to get into Wimbledon spirit

Phoebe is obsessed with tennis balls – that girl would have a blast at Wimbleton. On that thought, they should get staffies to be the ball boys at the tournament, they’d be far faster than any human!

The only problem is that she usually plucks off the green fuzz, inverts the ball into a dome, or splits the rubber completely. Regular sized tennis balls are just too quick to perish when Phoebe gets her paws on them. So of course, when I spotted this huge Hemmo Mega Balls tennis ball, I knew it had to come home with me to be put through its paces.

At Jollyes, I spotted these Mega Balls in two sizes, but I opted for the larger 9″ ball for £7.99. It’s roughly the size of a football, made of rubber with green fuzz as you would find on a usual tennis ball. It also has a small air valve where you can hand pump it back up if it deflates over time. There was also some 7″ balls which would be good for smaller breeds for £6.99.

Back home in the garden, I served to team Scamps who were up against Lady and Dad in an unbeatable doubles match. There was no way the humans were getting their hands on that ball once it was unleashed onto the court. The ball is quite bouncy so better to be used outdoors unless you want to be forking out for a new TV.

The ball is too big for either of the dogs to get their teeth around, so puncturing it would take some doing. Instead, the pair of them dribbled the ball around the garden like Rashford and Stirling. This was also the first time in a while that I’ve only bought a single toy in the hopes they’d play together, rather than separately with two toys, and it was definitely a success. In fact, after about 20 minutes, both dogs were exhausted from the fun and excitement, which is unheard of for Phoebe, who has the endurance of a marathon runner.

After half an hour we put the ball in the shed for safekeeping, and every time we let the dogs out for a wee, she would run straight to the shed in a plea for her new toy like a dog with a bone – pardon the pun. Sadly, after two weeks of garden tennis paw-naments, Frank managed to get his big gob around it and burst it – but the deflated ball also kept them pretty well entertained with a game of tug, followed by Frank doing victory laps of the garden and Phoebe impatiently barking at him to give it back.

This giant tennis ball was a great, affordable purchase, and I’d be more than happy to pick up another when I next spot them in store! It lasted as long as the Wimbledon Fortnight would, which is plenty fun and excitement for us.


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