Dog lovers – run, don’t walk to B&M for these adorable gifts

Christmas gifts are starting to hit the shelves at B&M stores across the UK, and each year, they bring out an adorable range for pups and pet parents.

From Disney dogs to party pooches, there are gifts for humans and their fur-babies alike. During my visit to the Wolstanton branch, I spotted products from £2 to £7, which is similar to last years’ prices.

The Pet Parade range and dog-themed gifts tend to be very popular, so run, don’t walk to B&M and get your paws on these gifts! Whether you’re buying them for yourself or for a friend, they’re too cute to miss out on.

Disney Dogs Water Bottle £5

Nothing encourages me to drink more water for approximately three days like buying a new water bottle. I’m quite particular though – it has to be tactile, and transparent – with this Disney Dogs bottle ticking all the boxes! The £5 bottle features images of Lady & The Tramp, Jock, Perdita and some of the 101 Dalmatians pups. Of course, this was one of the first things I put in my basket at B&M, and so far, my water intake has been considerably higher than usual.

Disney Dogs Tumblers £6

These adorable tumblers are priced at £6, with one featuring the 101 Dalmatian pups with the caption ‘Dog Lover’ and another with Lady and the Tramp which says ‘Pet more dogs, drink more water’. I can’t say these glasses would be filled with H2O if they found their way into my home, more G&T – but I still think the design is too cute. Perfect for a girls night in with Disney movies and a tipple.

Party Puppers Vacuum Bottle £4

I actually have last years’ design of this bottle, and it’s the perfect size for dog walks. They’re marketed for hoo-mums, but I tend to fill mine with water for the dogs to decant into their collapsible bowl. It holds 350ml of water and is double insulated, so keeps their drink nice and cold. It can keep liquids cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12. The bottle comes in this white design, as well as navy.

Pet Selfie Clip £2

Forever taking pictures of your dog but they won’t look at the camera? This pet selfie clip attaches to the top of your phone where you can insert a treat to keep your pup posing perfectly! At just £2, this would make an ideal stocking filler gift for your pet-parent pals – yup, I’m talking about Christmas in September! It’s only 15 weeks away!

Pet Parade Mug and Dog Toy £4

This mug and toy duo comes in two designs, both equally as accurate for doting dog mums. The first, in pink comes with a cupcake swirl toy, with the mug reading ‘All you need is puppies and cupcakes’. The other is blue, and says ‘Donut disturb today is for chilling with my dog’. This one comes with a donut dog toy, and whilst I know they wouldn’t last two minutes with Phoebe and Frank, they’d be a new favourite for other pups.

Pet Parade Bandana, Collar and Lead set £6

Kit your dog out for their daily walks with this collar, lead and bandana set for a total steal at £6. The blue bandana says ‘I’m everyone’s favourite’, and attaches to a yellow and white spotted collar and leash.

Doggy Notebook £3

‘I work hard so my dog can have a better life’ – ain’t that the truth. This notebook is adorned with little dog illustration from dachshunds to labradors. I’m gutted that a little Staffy didn’t make it onto the cover, however there is a little curled up ‘cross’ that I’ve never seen done before on these types of products!

Pet Parade Socks £5

If I had to guess, I’d say these socks feature a spaniel, cockapoo, frenchie and dachshund. The beautifully boxed selection of socks could be split between friends with those breeds as part of a gift, or keep them all for yourself!

Pet Parade Mug and Pet Bowl Set £7

This gave me a real good giggle in the aisle. The human mug says ‘The Boss’, whilst the pet bowl says ‘The Real Boss’ on the inside. The duo costs £7, and means you can have a cuppa whilst your dog has their breakfast in matching crockery. The only issue we found was that the bowl was a bit too small for Phoebe and Frank – but would be suitable for small and medium breeds.

Breed Mugs £3

These mugs had been totally cleared out with just a handful still on the shelf during my visit. The two designs I saw included ‘Labrador lover’ and ‘Cockapoo crazy’ – but I assume there are also other breeds available.

The mugs are £3, and a decent size for a cuppa. At the top of the handle is a little dog which corresponds to the breed on the mug – I’m obsessed.

Pet Parade Alphabet Dog Bandana £2

Last but not least, these alphabet bandanas come in two different colours – mustard and navy. They’re just £2 each, featuring a letter of the alphabet on the corner. There seemed to be a good selection of letters available (rather than 74 Z’s, 12 Y’s and 32 X’s), but I can imagine these will sell out pretty quickly.