The Doodlebone dog collars we absolutely swear by

Phoebe and Frank have always worn Doodlebone dog collars, ever since the day we brought them home from the rescue.

Originally, Phoebe had a beautiful purple one, and Frank’s puppy sized collar was the brand’s beautiful teal shade. When Frank was fully grown, he upgraded his collar to an orange one, which really brings out his eyes, meanwhile, Phoebe traded in her purple collar, for a pretty pink one.

Doodlebone dog collars, first and foremost, are amazing value for money. They start at £4 for XS, and increase in price by 50p per size. Phoebe and Frank both wear a large (50cm-60cm neck), which costs me £5.50 per collar.

The fully adjustable collars come in five sizes, and each one increases in thickness. We really like the large ones, because they feel sturdy, and are thick enough to grab hold of should we need to in an emergency. The collars are double stitched for extra strength, with a tough metal D ring for ID tags and leads to clip on to. They have a lifetime guarantee, so the brand are happy to replace your collar if it breaks, too.

Phoebe and Frank have both had their collars for three years now. When I attached their PitPat the other day, I noticed they were looking a bit tatty – still fully in tact, but much duller than I’d remembered. Frankly, a spin in the washing machine probably would have done the trick, as they’re fully machine washable, but I’ll use any excuse to buy the Scamps something new. It just means I can wash the old collars and donate them to the dogs home after, too.

The bold range, which is what Phoebe and Frank wear, comes in 11 bright and bold colours (which look awesome on photos). As well as the purple, pink, teal and orange, there’s also apple green, yellow, black, cyan, red and royal blue, which is the colour that Winston has. You’ll find that one colour will really stand out to match your pets personality, and that’s one of the reasons I adore the bold range.

Doodlebone said: “Taking your dog out for a walk is part and parcel of being a dog owner. That’s why finding the right dog collar is essential both for you and your dog. They should be practical, safe, long lasting and in our opinion, designed with zingy colours that bring your dog’s personality to life!

“From comfort to finding the right fit, a collar is more than just something you stick on your dog before heading out, it’s about having peace of mind that what you’re using works for the dog as well as for yourself. They should be safe for your pet and safe for you to use.”

I do find that the Doodlebone dog collars are really durable, well made, great looking and sturdy. I also really like that it’s a clip fasten rather than a buckle, because in case of an attack or an attempted theft, it’s a quick release to keep them safe. That, and my Barkie personal safety alarm, of course.

When I popped into the pet shop to pick up some new collars the other day, I was stunned at how vibrant they were. I mean, I didn’t think Phoebe and Frank’s collars had faded that much, but a new shiny one does make all the difference.

The brand was born when founder Matt got his first family dog, Aimee, ten years ago.

He said: “We wanted her to look good in well designed, modern accessories, without having to take out a small bank loan! But we found it really difficult to get hold of exactly the right thing. The world of dog accessories seemed a bit stuck in the 70s.

“So we set out to bring something new and fun to the doggie world. Our first product was the Doodlebone Airmesh Harness, designed in a range of brighter, bolder colours than were around at the time. It quickly became a favourite of dog owners, pet shop owners, and dogs!”

The matching harness, collar and lead look is so sleek, but equally, mixing and matching the 11 shades is a really fun get up. The brand is super affordable, with Doodlebone creating the perfect ‘everyday collar’ that doesn’t compromise practicality, nor style.