How I got the Emma Bridgewater dog bowl for just £10

Last year, I picked up the Emma Bridgewater Polka Paws tin to store Phoebe and Frank’s natural treats and chews. Having picked up the hearts biscuit tin for myself, I thought it was adorable that we both had Emma Bridgewater tins for our favourite snacks.

I’ve slowly grown a small collection of Emma Bridgewater goodies, from the DAB radio, to a selection of mugs. I even have a pair of EB inspired earrings and once had my nails painted in their hearts pattern for Valentine’s day. My favourite mug is the one adorned with my name, and ever since I got it for Christmas last year, I’ve been desperate to get the dogs a personalised bowl, too.

However, brand new a large personalised Polka Paws dog bowl will set you back £30.95, plus £1 per letter, which would be £9 for ‘The Scamps’, and I simply couldn’t justify nearly £40 for a water bowl – no matter how beautiful.

I’m really lucky that the Emma Bridgewater factory is just a short drive from my house, and I can’t help but swing in for a cuppa when I’m passing. As well as seeing what’s new in the shop, and enjoying their homemade tomato soup in the cafe, I always see what they’re got in their factory outlet, which is packed full of seconds and discontinued products.

Every few weeks I’ve been popping in to see if they have a large Emma Bridgewater dog bowl, but each journey has proved unsuccessful, either stocking just the small bowls, or none at all. There are usually a range of pre-personalised items that have not been collected, or have minor imperfections, which I’ll always scan in case I see a ‘Bill’ or a ‘Millie’ for my grandparents’ dogs.

Although only one side of the bowls display a name, it would have felt odd to bag a bowl with a random name adorned on it, even if I could swivel it round to face the kitchen wall. There wasn’t a ‘Phoebe’, nor a ‘Frank’, and I wouldn’t have wanted to get a bowl with just one of their names on either.

However, whilst scanning the shelf full of bowls I spotted one Polka Paws bowl that wouldn’t look out of place in my kitchen – Lady. Seeing as we are Lady and The Scamps, I totally felt I could get away with this bowl rather than having one that said Fido or Oscar on it, and because it was a seconds (though with no obvious imperfections) it was marked up at just £10!

The hand painted Emma Bridgewater dog bowl holds 1,150ml of water, so it’s perfect for both dogs to use throughout the day. If you’d like to get your dogs their own bowl, you can find them on the Emma Bridgewater website here. And, you can bag a free half pint mug with your first order (excluding personalised orders) using my referral link, which will also give me 15% off my next order.