Four Happy Hound Accessories products to spoil you and your dog with

I’ve been a repeat customer at Happy Hound Accessories over the last 12 months, and it’s been a real pleasure to watch their business grow, adapting to overcome adversities. I started out buying their subscription boxes, then bought Frank’s birthday party hat from them, before going on to pick up pieces from their new ready to wear collection.

The Newcastle-based business was launched by 25-year-old Ellie following a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, Joint Hypermobility, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome and Chronic Fatigue. Now she works alongside her mum, who has M.E. designing, sewing and packing up beautiful accessories for every occasion.

But one thing I love is that, as well as accessories to elevate your dogs sense of style, Happy Hounds Accessories also stock gifts and homewear for pet parents. As well as apparel and walking essentials, HHA recently launched a range of candles, one of which I received in a Bearkind subscription box. 

Here are four gorgeous gifts you can treat yourself and your dog to from Happy Hound Accessories.


I picked up these two coloured snoods for just £5 each as part of one of Happy Hound Accessories’ popular Fiver Friday events. These knitted snoods come in a huge range of colours with matching options for humans, perfect for chilly walks. I got Phoebe a lavendar snood and Frank a forest green one to match their HotterDog fleeces.

They fit beautifully and the dogs both really enjoy wearing them around the house when it’s cold, as well as outside. Not only that, but they’re really high quality with a handstitched Happy Hound logo, and they always get cooed over when they wear them.


If I need a seasonal bandana for Phoebe and Frank, I always know Happy Hound Accessories will have something suitably themed, from Easter to Birthdays, and even Valentine’s Day. Recently I picked up some pieces in a market night sale, and bagged these two bandanas for just £2.50 each.

I couldn’t resist the orange fried egg accessory for Frank, the colour really brings out his eyes and his collar and leash are both orange, too. Phoebe’s is a pretty floral number, with pinks and oranges on a navy background – perfect for spring but equally gorgeous all year round, too.

Tote bags

Happy Hound Accessories are the queens of slogans and this ‘I’m only talking to my dog today’ tote is a little bit of me. These black slogan totes are £7.50, but they also stock cream totes with leather look handles for £11.25, which read ‘Easily distracted by dogs’ and ‘Dogs make me happy, people make my head hurt’ to name a few. You can never have too many totes, and they’re ideal for when you pop out to places like Hounds to pick up treats and goodies for your pup.


The Happy Hound Accessories candles aall have pet friendly unbleached cotton wicks and a burn time of up to 50 hours. This one was the one I received in my Bearkind box, and is a lavendar and lemon scented fragrance with the same slogan as my tote bag. The hangpoured soy wax candles are 100% natural and come in a recycleable amber glass that fits in with any decor. This particular scent smells very soothing and spa like, while ‘dog farts’ smells like foam bananas and ‘dog vibes only’ smells of cola bottles. Candles are priced at £14 each are make a really fun pet themed gift for dog owners, or simply just for treating yourself to some natural home fragrance.