Altrincham Market hidden gem dog stall B&V Trading

Over the weekend we took a dogless trip over to Altrincham to check out the food market. I’ve always heard amazing things about it so I’ve been dying to go for a while. But little did I know that there are other general markets outside Market House too – including an absolute canine haven.

Whenever I don’t take Phoebe and Frank out with me, there’s an unspoken rule that I take something home for them, and B&V Trading’s stall in the outdoor Alty Market was the perfect opportunity to stock up on some of their favourite treats and discover some new products, too.

The stall was run by Rob, the proud dog dad of Vivienne the mini dachshund and Mr Cotton the Dalmatian. As well as their permanent South Manchester market stall, the business also has a shop in Sale and a newly opened branch in Knutsford, too.

While browsing the 360 degree stall, Rob explained that they make and source their products either locally ‘in house’ or in the UK from carefully chosen makers and companies who align with their sustainable ethos. We were really pleased to see so many brands we’re already familiar with, including spent brewers grain biscuit company BrewBix, vegan treats-in-a-tin brand W’Zis, as well as Pooch and Mutt, Green and Wilds, Scoff Paper and Denzels

My brother was on the lookout for something extremely long lasting for Frank’s dad, Winston, and Rob was able to offer his recommendation of an ostrich bone for £6.50, which he estimated would last the American Bulldog around two weeks. He was really helpful, honest, and knowledgeable on all of the brands he was stocking, and had plenty of time for customers even when the stall was busy.

On one side of the stall were tonnes of treats, from packets of rewards to chews, bones and dental care, while another featured toys and beds, others saw collars, leads and accessories and a smaller section for things like supplements and bowls. It was all expertly laid out – after all, Rob’s been at this for eight years so his stall was really easy to browse and I could find everything I wanted to pick up within seconds. 

I was able to pick up some more BrewBix biscuits, as well as a number of JR Pure products, including Kangaroo pure sticks, Turkey training treats and Lamb pate, which are all firm favourites with the scamps. 

Phoebe and Frank love chasing bubbles in the garden in summer, so I was elated to spot some bacon flavoured non-toxic bubbles on the stand for £4, too. The B&V bacon bubbles come with a wand and can also be used in bubble machines, which is sure to provide endless hours of fun as the weather warms up.

B&V Trading also have their own website, and we’ve already bookmarked it for future orders, and we can’t wait to visit Altrincham again with the dogs in tow this time.