Houndsly’s Resting Grinch Face festive pawfume that smells just like mulled wine

There are so many gorgeous festive fragrances that I associate with Christmas – from cinnamon and pine, to oranges simmering in a pot.

And Houndsly – a vegan pet pawfume brand – have encapsulated Christmas and bottled it up with their delightful festive fragrance range for 2021.

From Gingerbread to Snow Angel, all of the cruelty-free fragrances are quintessentially Christmassy, but there was one that totally stole the show for me.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas is my favourite holiday movie, so naturally, the name ‘Resting Grinch Face’ canine cologne gave me a good giggle. But not only is it inventively labelled – complete with a green hand holding a glass of wine – but smells absolutely incredible. Reminiscent of mulled wine, Resting Grinch Face features berries and vanilla, for an uplifting, fun fragrance that is sure to get you in the yuletide spirit.

Made in Manchester, the salon-quality pawfumes enjoyed a successful stall at Crufts 2020, and have recently started being produced in Nashville, over in the States, too. Each one is created with a natural recipe, have a long lasting scent and are completely vegan and cruelty free. They’re then sustainably packaged in aluminium bottles and fully recyclable sprays tops, so are kind to the environment and your pets, too.

Houndsly pawfumes can be used on puppies over 12 weeks, and sprayed directly onto the coat after a good shake of the bottle. The brand claim there to be 1,000 sprays per bottle – which is sure to last you through the Christmas period and beyond. The scents are strong and long-lasting, so you only need a small amount – just be sure to avoid your dogs eyes, nose, ears and any broken skin.

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Following a pre-Christmas bath, we let Phoebe and Frank dry off naturally before spritzing them two to three times across the back, from around a foot away. The scent is really beautiful, and definitely mulled wine inspired with a tartness that comes from the berries, balanced by the sweet vanilla. I couldn’t stop cuddling the dogs and inhaling their new, squeaky clean and perfumed fragrance.

Other festive picks from this years’ range include Snow Angel, similar to Lush’s popular Snow Fairy products, and Christmas Spice, smelling of spiced apple and cinnamon with citrus notes. White Christmas has a creamy vanilla base and smells like white chocolate Christmas cookies straight from the oven, while Snowberry is fragranced with fruity fig, raspberry and cedarwood.

Gingerbread offers a spicy, warm scent of nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar, just like a gingerbread house, and Snowman Kisses is scented with pine, eucalyptus and winter fruit.

Finally, Sleigh Bells is a fruity winter floral fragrance, with honeysuckle elderflower and winter berries, with each different one offering a totally diverse aromatic experience.

If you can’t decide which pawfumes to pick, you can order a selection of samples to help make your decision. Their £9.95 sample packs contain all eight festive samples, each of which are 5ml containing around 50 sprays.