Houndsly Pawfume – vegan pet fragrance inspired by top brands

Between baths, these Houndsly pawfumes are perfect for keeping your dog smelling absolutely gorgeous.

When our favourite dog specialist shop Hounds started stocking a selection of Houndsly products last month, I picked up two scents to try on The Scamps.

The brand – who had a successful stall at Crufts 2020 – create completely cruelty free, vegan fragrances in sustainable aluminium bottles. The bottle is fully recyclable, including the spray top. A bit part of the Houndsly ethos is about being able to treat our dogs without mistreating the planet.

The salon-quality pawfumes are made in Manchester, and have recently started being produced in Nashville, over in the States, too.

Houndsly currently have 28 different fragrances, including perfume and aftershave dupes, and classic fruity and floral scents. In fact, if you’re familiar with looking at wax melt fragrance lists, then the Houndsly selection has a similar sort of variety.

Newcastle-based Hounds presently stocks Black Cherry, Blooming Pearfect, Cocoa Butter, Legacy Queen Bee, Blueberry Muffin, Petal Bomb and Rhubarb & Custard, with Legacy and Cocoa Butter proving to be the most popular.

I picked up Legacy for Frank and Black Cherry for Phoebe – a lot of the fragrances are gender neutral, but I selected my scents based on my individual dogs. Hounds are selling the 100ml bottles for £10 – you can also get 10% off using our ambassador discount code SCAMPS.

Legacy smells very similar to the Creeds’ Aventus aftershave, and recently overtook Snow Angel as the brand’s overall best seller. It’s described as having: ‘Top notes of blackcurrant and Italian bergamot, blended with Calville Blanc apples and sparkling pineapple. A woody and heady centre is complemented with notes of roses, Jasmine blossom and patchouli, while a rich base of oak moss, ambergris and a touch of vanilla provides a final flourish.’

I’ve never known much about fragrance notes, but what I do know is this really does smell like a high quality, absolutely decadent men’s aftershave – it’s actually not too dissimilar to fragrances my partner wears!

Frank’s dad, Winston, also enjoyed a spritz of this to freshen up ahead of his groom, and seemed to be very proud of his new handsome scent.

Phoebe was spritzed with the Black Cherry pawfume, described as ‘sweet and vibrant’. It’s another Houndsly best seller, and we can see why! Think Jelly Belly cherry air fresheners, or Haribo Tangfastic cherries – it’s like the smell of tart cherry pie bottled up.

With the Houndsly pawfumes, they can be used on puppies over 12 weeks, and sprayed directly onto the coat after a good shake of the bottle. Houndsly claim there to be 1,000 sprays per bottle – we have no intention to count, but this bottle is likely to go a long way. The scents are strong and long-lasting, so you only need a small amount – just be sure to avoid your dogs eyes, nose, ears and any broken skin. We tend to get Phoebe and Frank to sit, position the bottle behind their head, and spray down their backs from around 30cm away.

Houndsly pawfumes on our must-try list include Snow Angel – a dupe for Lush Snow Fairy – and La Paw Est Belle, which is similar to my favourite Lancome perfume.

If you can’t decide which pawfumes to pick, you can order a selection of samples to help make your decision. One of their £9.95 sample packs contain 10 samples of your choice, each of which are 5ml containing around 60 sprays. All you have to do is leave a comment for Houndsly at checkout with the scents you would like, or leave it blank to receive a selection chosen by the team. If you want even more choice, their ultimate sample pack contains 21 pawfume samples for £21.95.