Marleybones gourmet dog dining review plus trial box discount

Marleybones is a dog food brand we’ve had our eye on for a while here at Lady & The Scamps, not least for their millennial-coded Instagram-worthy packaging and adorable meal names, but for their commitment to high quality meals and ethical sourcing, too.

Born from personal frustration of ‘changing dog food more regularly than Leonardo DiCaprio was changing girlfriends’, founder Josephine embarked on a journey to create a solution that addressed her golden cocker spaniel, Marley’s, fussy eating habits and indigestion issues. Thus, Marleybones was born.

But Marleybones is way more than your average pet meal – it’s a dog dining solution that feels incredibly boujee and gourmet, but without compromising on health and environmental factors either.

Previously a subscription-only based brand, Marleybones has recently launched in Waitrose and Whole Foods UK stores to make their sustainable, superfood meals more accessible to owners, but after trying out one of their trial boxes, we might just find ourselves signing up to one of their customisable meal plans, after all.

To order a trial box, all you have to do is create an account on the Marleybones website and fill in a short questionnaire about your pooch, including their breed, weight, activity levels and the kind of food they already eat, as well as any flavour preferences or aversions. Marleybones then put together a customised box which you can edit to swap out any flavours you may want more or less of, and the site will offer recommended feeding guidelines based on your individual needs.

The trial box usually costs £20 and contains eight meals, two bags of free treats and a bonus tennis ball, but those who use our sign up link can get a whopping 40 per cent off their first box.

Inside our trial box we got two of each recipe, including Chic Nosh Chicken, Posh Nosh Salmon, Lush Nosh Lamb and Bosh Nosh Beef, all of which contain at least 60 per cent meat, be it 100 per cent British free-range chicken, grass-fed lamb and beef or Scottish hand-reared salmon and comes with an 82 per cent rating on the All About Dog Food website.

Each recipe features a selection of power seeds such as chia, linseeds, hemp seed and quinoa, specifically, locally sourced British quinoa grown by Essex-based Peter Fairs, considered a pioneer in quinoa farming – the first in the UK to successfully grow the crop in our cooler climate.

All of the meals contain superfood blends of seaweed, chicory root and yucca, alongside a range of veggies and greens which vary from flavour to flavour, but generally the likes of carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes and peas. More than 98 per cent of their ingredients come from British soil, too, with fully-traceable farming information available via the QR code on their packaging.

Grain, gluten and sugar free with no colours, fillings, flavours, preservatives and additives, this nasties-free meal plan is easy on tummies and perfect for fussy pets. Each recipe has its individual benefits, too, such as Posh Nosh Salmon being perfect for dogs who may suffer from dry skin and a dull coat, while the beef option offers anti-inflammatory properties and helps improve cognitive function.

Suitable for puppies from two-months old, Marleybones packs farm-fresh ingredients raw into their eco-friendly cartons, seals them up, and then gently steam-cooks the entire carton from the outside. The brand explained: “Steam cooking is one of the gentlest cooking methods, as it keeps all the natural moisture, vitamins and minerals coming from the fresh produce within the meals, locking in all the freshness, flavour and nutrients! Not only that, the moisture ensures optimal digestion and urinary function.”

This means that all of their meals are trademarked ‘pantry fresh’ delivering the nutritional benefits of a home-cooked diet served in a convenient pantry and planet-friendly packaging, so you won’t need to clear any space in your freezer, either.

Speaking of packaging, Marleybones’ meals  are delivered in packaging made from sustainably sourced, mainly plant-based renewable materials and are widely recyclable in the UK. In fact, the pet food brand is the ‘world’s first and only dog food company with a guaranteed net-zero plastic footprint’ – which is pretty impressive.

And of course, we can’t mention the cartons without talking about how gorgeously photogenic they are. Plus, they’re really easy to store in the cupboard without taking up too much space.

The brand is as committed to charity work as they are the health of our beloved canine companions, too. Marleybones donates one rabies vaccination to a street dog in Sri Lanka via the charity WECare Worldwide when you order your first meal box, and is also partnered with rePurpose Global to support Project Anant Pranay in Aurangabad, India. Marleybones also says ‘we’re aiming to improve the lives of farming animals cramped away in cages, workers’ conditions and unnecessary waste’ through their suppliers. 

Now, when it comes to pricing, each dog’s meal plan will be different and will depend on the offer code used at the time (I got 20% off on sign up.)

Marleybones’ meals are generally more expensive than your average wet pet food, with their environmental commitments, locally sourced ingredients and quality produce reflected in the price. 

I input Frank’s details and Marleybones recommended feeding 1¾ cartons per day, which would work out at 49 cartons per month at a cost of £86.37 if he was only fed wet food. However, we only use wet food to top Phoebe and Frank’s meals, so would typically use one carton over two days for both dogs, meaning that 49 cartons would last us 98 days – or around three months, which is £1.13 per day, give or take – less than 57p per pooch. But because the plans are so customisable, you could easily find a plan that works best for you, your dog and your budget, with a delivery schedule to suit. You can also skip deliveries, or cancel at any time, so you’re not tied into a complex contract. If you don’t want to necessarily buy in bulk, you can pick up a carton at Waitrose for £3.80 each, just to give it a go.

When you sign up to Marleybones, though, you do benefit from ‘free treats for life’, getting some of their tasty air-dried treats added in as an extra bonus. There are two types and you can choose between lamb, hemp seeds, apple  and thyme treats, or Chicken, hawthorn, carrot and sage, both of which are really rather luxe and have the Scamps licking their chops when they hear the packets. 

When ordering, you can choose to add on extra treats, or gloss up your dog’s coat with a cold-pressed oil, or complete their gourmet dinner with one of the brand’s natural food toppers that can help with dental, gut or joint issues. 

Marleybones has truly set a new standard for pet nutrition, making mealtimes more of a culinary experience, which in turn makes owners more mindful of their pets diets. From its Instagram-worthy packaging to its commitment to quality ingredients and ethical sourcing, it just feels perfect for DINKWAD households (dual income no kids with a dog), fussy dog owners and anyone who wants ‘only the best’ for their four-legged friends.

With customisable meal plans and convenient delivery options, Marleybones makes it easy to prioritise your dog’s health without sacrificing simplicity. So, whether you’re looking to treat your pup to something special or simply want to provide them with the nutrition they deserve, you can sign up for a discounted trial box of Marleybones here


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